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You matter.


Despite the number of people in the world, there is only one you. You are different in your own unique ways and together with the likes of others keeps the world going. You are you for a reason and you are here for a purpose don’t let the pressures from others in their own life race make you doubt yourself and existence. The sun and the rain have their varying purpose so is humans. Taking the parts of the body as reference, they all have their roles, because the eye gives sight does not mean is better than the nose in charge of smell, imagine all the parts are for hearing how will humans cope? Instead, each and every part has it purpose which implies that all the parts matter.you just need to find your purpose and live by it. A life without a purpose creates self irrelevance and you don’t deserve that because you matter. The world needs your ideas, goals, dreams, aspirations and smiles. All you have to do is believe in yourself and all you can be. Don’t diminish your value and live in the shadows because you think you are not enough. My friend! You were the sperm that won in the womb! And you are underrating yourself here on earth, use your zeal before it is yanked out of you. Yes you can be promising if you want to be but if you decide to disappoint yourself, then you live with it. And no one has to go through that because we all matter, yes we sure do.




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