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What will you do?
When the long awaited moment is over.
Vows exchanged, blessings and gifts obtained
And all witnesses have departed.
Leaving you to your own fate.

What will you do?
When the storms rise
And your journey seems to crush;
As though the blessings were null
And the gifts were poisoned.

What will you do?
When all you hoped for
Delay and never seem to occur.
Yet the negatives always recur.
Thus, increasing your sorrow.

What will you do?
When your prayers never seem to reach the ceiling
And God appears to be ignorant of your feeling.
Making everyday bitter and unpleasant to live in.

What will you do?
My dear one.
What will you do?
For these are the untold tales
In the life long journey of a bonded duo.

Thank you

By: Emmerc Kojo Aidoo


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