We live in a society where people think going to the university for a degree in order to secure one’s career in a particular field of study is the greatest achievement of all time. For this reason, our universities in this part of the world teach us how to become very good and obedient employees. It’s been two years since I came to this university (U.C.C) and all the courses I with my mates have read so far confirm the above statement – being an obedient and respectful employee. I sometimes wonder why ‘resource personnel’ are contracted to teach us how to write the all-fulfilling, glooming, eye-catchy and powerful CV’s and application letters, but not how to be able to identify a business opportunity and start doing something. I’m a business student and an accounting student to be precise. I had a personal experience the very first day I visited G.C.B BANK, branch on campus, to transact some business. I was shocked when I had to fill the deposit form for three good times before getting it right. I’m not trying to say not being able to fill the deposit form means that our university system is poor but I think we are seriously lacking the practical aspect to whatever we are studying.
I was amazed when after reviewing the business courses offered by the major universities here in Ghana, I saw that throughout the four years stay on campus only a semester out of the total of eight semesters is used to offer a course in entrepreneurship. What a pity!
I once asked a level 200 Bachelor of commerce (Accounting) student what he will do with GHS10,000. After sitting down and thinking for about 7mins he said he will deposit it into a savings account, not even a fixed deposit account. Oh, what a system we live in!
What pities me is that a business student will come to the university to pursue his/her first degree and after that, due to unemployment, she/he will continue with a second degree (master’s program) and virtually to his/her PhD. He would be possibly employed as a lecturer at a university. This person is seen to be qualified to teach undergraduate students entrepreneurship and leadership.
A Senior High School graduate went for the Multi TV installation program for few weeks. After five years, he has been able to employ 40 people and now owns 12 shops throughout the country, but he is said to be unqualified to teach leadership and entrepreneurship.
My question is between these two people who is actually qualified to even comment on a matter on entrepreneurship and leadership?
I’m not trying to prove to people that the university’s curriculum is bad. What I’m trying to say is that we the students should start thinking outside the box.
It’s not surprising that black people own one of the biggest Christian ministries in the world, but not the biggest multinational companies in the world.
Let’s start to think before this intellectual slavery kills us all.
Multi TV installation program advertisement.
Compiled by:
Bernard Nyame (Benaltec…why not now!!!)
Edited by:
Solomon Kwofie.

Written by: Bernard Nyame


  1. That’s great. Most of us think that going to school will solve our problem by helping us to secure a reputable job. But we fail to understand the different between job and work. Our system must be reformed


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