Two years ago, I recognized that no better-paid job can grant me financial independence. I was in level 200 by then. However, I want to ascribe to Robert Kiyosaki for imparting my life with his “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book. I will, therefore, recommend such a great book to anyone reading this article. Since I discovered that the road to financial independence was not easy but not difficult, I escaped from the rat race forever. What do I mean by rat race? A typical Ghanaian will say hand to mouth lifestyle. You just consume what earns and life become stagnated. The impart from “Rich Dad Poor Dad” set the pace for me in my new world, thus, my world of “Financial Independence”. From that very moment, my thinking about life, employment, and spending changed. I started brainstorming ideas that would be lucid and marketable. Upon a series of thinking in my solitary place, I came up with an idea to start a buying and selling business. Hilariously, the first item I sold was boxer shorts. It wasn’t easy for me as a starter; I was so blunt in marketing but I didn’t give up. As a starter, I began to learn marketing and human relations on the internet to beef up myself as a person and my business. Since mistakes are inevitable, I made a series of unpleasant mistakes. I thought doing business will grant me financial independence so quickly. Therefore, collapsing my business. Indeed, I lost all my capital. I knew all is lost and I was being motivated by this quote, “where there’s a will, there’s a way”. I went back to the drawing board, analyze the whole situation, and finally told myself that I’m coming again big. That was the genesis of SKI HUB. SKI HUB was built on the model of connecting buyers and sellers both domestically and internationally. Right away the business deals in men’s clothing and footwear. The business has been operated for two years and it’s really amazing. I believe that the future is so bright and one day I will fully realize my business model. Also, I’m so proud of myself for not giving up. Concluding, the road to financial independence is a process, not an overnight event. Yet it was what motivated me to start up my own business and I believe you can also do the same.

“Financial freedom makes life less stressful”.


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