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The Perfect Gift


♡As the creator sits on his Thorne of Grace,
♡He watches with dismay how His creatures perish.
♡Whom shall I send?….whom shall I send?….and who will go for us?….
♡Then said Christ ….send me.
♡The father’s only beloved …presenting himself as a gift for man ….The dying need of man.
♡ For the one given to us had the knowledge of our needs

♡A Saviour. ..Deliverer. ..Reedemer. ..Healer…and a friend was what mankind needed; a personality who was fully God and fully man.
♡And only the father’s beloved met the set standard.

♡His Deity as God enabled Him to be the Sacrifice who could bear the sins of many along with the penalties of sickness ….poverty….and spiritual death.

♡His human nature allowed him to identify with what we go through …enabling Him to provide for all of our needs and desires .

♡A perfect substitute He was;
♡For we owed a debt we could not pay and yet Jesus…..this Jesus …the perfect gift, paid a debt He did not owe.
♡Because of him…You and I have been set free.

Remember family…..perhaps
♡If our Greatest need had been information
♡If it should have been money or pleasure
♡If it should have been Technology
♡Our God would have sent us an Educator…a scientist. ..an economist or an entertainer

♡But truth be told:
♡Man’s Greatest need was Redemption
♡And God sent a Redeemer
♡For He knew what we needed and sent us the Perfect Gift



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