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The Paradigms of Love


Love is sweet, it tastes likes strawberry

Love is pleasant it feels good

Love is smooth it feels like the skin of a Dolphin

Love is strong,as strong as an erected penis

Love is soft like the tenderness of a woman’s skin

Love is hot , like the steam from a hot iron

Love smells good like the perfume from the Garden of Eden

Love can hurt like the fire from hell

Love has it dimensions like that of a hexagon

Love is like a war where everyone fights for what he wants

Love is like a throne everyone will kill for it

Love is sharp it pierces through the hardest heart

Love is multi functional, it allows for participation, connectivity and interactivity

Love is calm like the smile of a baby

Love is pure like the purity of a new born baby

Love is happy as it brings perfect Joy

Love is elastic, it stretches like that of a Helical Spring

Love can fade like a weak clothing

Love is colourful, it has all the colours of a rainbow

Love is not fallacious, it thinks critically even in its fiction

Love is clear, you can read through it

Love is Peaceful it doesn’t seek its own desire

Love is the only thing that brings paradise after a storm

Love is able to tame an untamed Soul

Love is the only potion that saves people from the curse

Love is timeless, it doesn’t need seconds and minutes

Love always offers a second chance with no need for explanation


Felicity Sena


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