The time full of thoughts
Cool breeze surrounds
The spot
Everything been enveloped, in the mind!

Rendering the eyes a tough service to the brain;
Obsession is lost for sleep,Time never hit its
Sorrow abounds
Mixed with belief

The only time that separates men, from their uniqueness’ ;
Where power and dreams are strengthened
When feelings are felt

In the flesh with tears
Flowing like rain
These are moments where ordinary words
Are regurgitated to be well mashed,

When decisions are stronger than ideas;
When emotions rise but do not break!
The time,
Life seems to so relevant
But also very useless

These are times where volition is effective than a 5G network
Times where life either ends or in trajectory
Where the gates are locked but the mind still walks.

Where destinies are changed, those nights
Night that never dies
Where interrogations become void of error

These are moments that stand and directs!
Those later nights.



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