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*The African Woman*



The elegance of your hair leaves many wondering
Your contours are so steep
They could cause a stir if one stares at them too deep.

The subtility of your skin
Oh my! Is a wonder to behold.
A stare at your face and lo we are cajoled
Hmm. That smile just so breathtaking.

So pretty but yet gritty.
We are not the only ones who admire
As others for a glimpse of your impeccable beauty voyage.

Look how skillfully she balances that pan of water on her head.
With measured steps she walks exquisitely along the path to her hut.

She winks at the boys playing at the square which makes them go gaga.
Not minding the weather which seems to get cloudier,
Towards her hut she strides further
To set the fire to make the evening dinner.

What makes you special so?
Man standing akimbo asks himself.

đź–Š ololo_de_poet



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