written by Mercy olawale

( Ellen POV)

looking at him with so much pain within me…have gat no words to say, he yelled and yelled but I was dumb..
Daniel is in the hospital, the doctor told me that if I don’t get the money for his treatment before month end then I should know that I will be carrying the dead body of my brother. And while I was in the hospital, the landlord called that my things are outside, he threw them out because we’ve been owing him for the past six months and we didn’t pay…
the little delivery I do doesn’t earn my much…

Battling with all these pains and thoughts within me, I never knew I was walking in the middle of the road where a car almost hit me…
I was unable to hear his horn because I was damn lost, though I am walking but my whole spirit is lost and what brought me back was the sudden hold of the car’s brake and then a young man came down…

he was so huge, he looks so attractive, is sure inside those suit he was putting on , is a muscular being …though I wasn’t able to access him much..
his voice sound so authoritatively , but right now I don’t care if the worst want to happen then let it happen..

“hey young lady …are you blind..he said but I didn’t reply
” what the heck is wrong with you??…he said again but I was still dumb right now I could feel my legs shaking , my body vibrating , I tried to hold my self to the spot but I know anytime soon I will pass out…
“do you wanna get yourself killed??… he said but this time I was gradually landing on the floor , all I could see was the shadow of him trying to catch me and then I finally closed my eyes..

my eyes gradually opened , at first I never realized where I was, I try to sit properly on the bed and then I felt a slight headache and that moment that I tried to turn my head, I saw it. A strange room, so big and spacious and then my eyes went over to the bed, gosh its so big , the cover all was so thick and its of quality one, everywhere looks tidy and beautiful.. ” where the hell am I??… I said immediately as I jump out of the bed..and that’s when I saw the ties they were so beautiful , it was glass made, I could see my shadow in it.. gosh, where is the place?? I did I get here …
I moved close to the window and I saw another mansion and then a park lot , “are they selling cars here??
for god sake I moved where am I ??

I move closer to the door and tried to open it but there was no handle and that’s when the door said
” good morning to you, should I open or close??…the door said and that’s when I ran away from there…
I went over to the bed and sat down there shaking..
“did that door just talk??
” oh god please save me, I don’t know where am I …
or was I kidnapped but why will they kidnap someone so poor like me??? I thought within me.

while I was in the bed wondering how a door could talk , suddenly the door swipe up and someone came in …and then the door said
“good morning to you, should open or close…
” close the person replied and the door swipe down…and that’s when I get it…the door was a robot door and just then the person turned and it was him..
And that moment I remembered all that happened yesterday.

Ellen POV

I carefully stare at the creature standing in front of me, he looks so huge, his muscles were revealing in the shirt he wore and that clearly show that he is muscular, he eyes were so cute and blue, his hair are curling and some fallen to the side of his face almost covering the other eye. my eyes traced down to his lips , they were so cute and pinkish and almost with a pout like that of a Lady.
I was lost in my imagination as I imagine him coming towards me and then carried me in his arms and then he said “you are beautiful angel””… that’s was the words I heard in my imagination and I was actually smiling in reality but I discovered myself immediately when he said with most authoritative voice ever ” why the hell are you smiling??…
“huh..me,..smile…what did you say???
” I asked you a simple question that why did you bump into me and the next thing you were smiling ”
“OMG…those sweets words I heard ( you look beautiful) was all in my head , what he actually said in the reality was why did I bump into him ” and that’s when the whole incident that took place yesterday became fresh in my memory..

“oh..you mean yesterday, actually I was stressed out, my life right is full of mess, I said trying to explain my situation to him thinking he cared but he caught me short
” keep all those long stories to yourself, I don’t care , all I need you to do now is to get yourself out of my house…he said as he sounded so horribly..

“god!!!!! who the hell is he!!
” I never wished to come to your house in the first place, you were the one who brought me here… I yelled

“oh yea…I know and that’s because I don’t if you fainted or you were dead, I didn’t wanna take you to the hospital because if at the end you were actually dead , then I may be accused of murdering you..he said and that really got into my nerves

” is this a human or a beast?
“how could he think that I may die?

“sorry to disappoint you, am alive and I will leave your damn life , you beast in human form…I said as I start searching for anything that belong to me in the room..
” right now my head is already full and my life is already in mess , I don’t need anyone to add to my pain …

I saw my phone and I quickly pick it , then said am ready

“ready?? then go!!..he said rudely

” mr , I wouldn’t have been standing here if I already know my way out remembered I passed out yesterday and I was in that state when to you brought me here , so I don’t know my ways around…I said

he look at him and then turned to the robot and ordered it to opened and the door opened as he led the way..

“the house was so big , different doors leads to different entrance, I wonder if he lives alone because for some minutes we’ve been walking and even when we got downstairs I didn’t see anyone, the whole place looks quite like a cemetery.. how can someone live alone in this huge house?.
Anyways that’s none of business , all I know is that am not stepping a foot into this house again and even to see this beast again..

let me go out there and face my miserable life all alone and maybe an angel will appear to me.

we got downstairs and we went straight to the park lot, something in me really wanna ask if he sells car or this is the place that everyone in new York parks their car after night work. Because what am seeing here is beyond what someone can have alone. if he is the owner of all these cars then I think he will be changing car in every minutes for different occasions.

he brought out something like a remote in his pocket and he pressed it, one of the cars blink , it was blank , it looks more like a Ferrari..
don’t blame me am not familiar with cars, all through my life , have never been in any private car, one of the reason is because we are poor and my parents never had one.

As we both hopped into the car , he drag the sit belt and place it right between his chest but I was just looking and waiting for him to start the car so I can get the hell of here..

“tightened your sit belt…he said
” I can’t.. I said not even looking at his face
“what do you mean you can’t, hey young woman , you can’t rule me in my own house and not in my own car, I could left there yesterday to die off but I never did instead I brought you to my house and now you are giving me attitudes . you better tightened that sit belt else you will have to walk with your legs to where ever your destination is….he said

” ummmm….I breath down and then started talking ” mr kindness, I know you did a good thing by not leaving me to die on the road yesterday but right now am tired of your drama, I said I can’t because I don’t know how to tightened a sit belt OK….I said

he looked at me for a while and was about to say something but stop and that’s when he move his hands to me life side where the belt is, his hands crossing my breast , and I could hear his breath , his face came closer to mine and that moment I closed my eyes, I don’t really know why but I just found myself imagining again…

“Done!!! his voice brought me back and that’s when I opened my eyes and saw the belt over me, he actually helped me to tightened it.
my eyes went over him and I saw him also staring at me but immediately I turned my gaze to the other side. something in me really want me to say ” thank you but I declined.

Nathan POV

why do I feel so attached to this girl, she is rude no doubt but she is also cute.
some part of me wants me to keep her, to keep seeing her everyday , a girl I barely know..
since yesterday that i have set my eyes on eyes, I feel so restless.. something in me wants me to help her, something wants me to hear her story but I don’t. she doesn’t belong to my world, am not the type of person she needs, am a mess, my life is to totally different, I will add to her problems, and she will feel worse if she found out that am an addict.
No’ I can’t do this.

I put the car to a stop as we get to the same junction I met her yesterday.

“we are here’ get down …I said
she look up at my face and then look at her front, tears and sorrow were filled in her eyes, those eyes like they were gonna tell me something but I can’t , I can’t do it..

” Thanks for helping.. she said but there was a hint of sorrow in her voice.
“just get out and I don’t wanna see you ever again…I spoke rudely to her intentionally..

yes we might meet in the future but then she might be OK and may still have bad impression of me but I don’t care.

she was about coming down when her phone rang..

I was unable to hear the other caller but listening to what she said , she was tensed..
I really wanna ask what the problem is but I denied myself.. I don’t wanna add to her problems .

Ellen POV

the moment i was about coming down from my arrogant helper’s car, my phone rang and it was the doctor . he had called to tell me that my brother’s health is getting worst..
I couldn’t control my tears as I let them flow .
the call ended and I saw a handkerchief at my front..
he stretched it toward me..

” take and wipe your tears off…he said
I took them and I came down from the car, I thought he was gonna ask me what the problem was..he never did..

I stood at a corner as I watch his car drove off.. he was gone and am never seeing him again..

I brought the hanky very close to my face and sniffed it, his perfume was so nice..

After much imagination , I realized am back to my miserable world again.. who is gonna be my helper this time?

Nathan POV

its been a week after I met the strange girl..
I never asked her name , maybe that would have because my manager would have find some information about her.

my life have been in mess, trying so much to fight my addiction.. my business took most of my day and even at night I busy..
I can’t go to the club house instead I hire strippers to come to my house.

you wanna know my addition?
then let me tell you am a pyscho_homosexual being , what people call gay but mine was different ..
all I do day long is to watch women naked , they strip their selves before and get me to cum without touching them and after that my whole body settles down.
All through my life have never had any sex with any lady but have watched lots of ladies nakedness.
Am addicted to ladies physical being .

Don’t blame me there is a reason for that, but I don’t wanna say it now.

Finally have gotten a Friday to be free…so I decided to visit the ladies club … I go there often to get ladies who will stripe before me and I pay them huge amount .
but today was different, my systems was down, despite seeing ladies body my system never came up ..
at first I thought if a miracle had happened but I can’t say… I decided to leave from there and that’s when I saw her on my way home.

Two men trying to touch , she was sleeping on the streets with some folded bags and then those men were trying to touch her..
I quickly revised back as I face my car towards the direction, my car lights were on facing the men and immediately they run away and then I horn the car and she jumped up.

Ellen POV

What woke me up was the horn of an unknown car, my eyes were still heavy trying to figure out who the person is, but the car light kept everything from me, I couldn’t see the other end. who is this person ? what is he/she doing here…I thought within me as my heart pounds heavily.
my legs were moving back, I don’t wanna take any chances and just then I heard a voice, a voice I could never forget even in my dreams.

“we meet again…he said and the car light went off and I saw his face. Even in the dark he still looks handsome. what is he doing here?

we meet again”…he said and that’s was when I saw him, he look so handsome even in the dark.
“wait are you stalking me??…I asked because I can’t just figure out how he saw me. ” stalking you? hell no!! it was just a coincidence I took this root today and besides I was on my way going back to my house when I saw some trying to touch you…. he said
“oh my god, when, how…I asked as I grab my body very tight
” calm down drama queen, you were lost in imaginary wonder land because of sleep , how could you sleep like someone who is dead….he said
“gosh, are we going to do this again, look I don’t have your time mr arrogant helper, thanks for helping me but now am fine … I said as I grab my things to go
” they went that direction and if you follow that way I think they will end up getting you…he said ad quivers of fears filled my heart
And also the street is quite and dangerous , so its your choice…he said and was about going “emmm…ummm…can…I…
I was still talking when I heard some strange voices ” catch them, its them.. I quickly ran to his car…
open , open…. I said as I hopped in and immediately he drove off

“wow… that was a quick one….I said panting
” oh really , you think so..thank your stars I was there to save you….he said ufff…I scoff, I turned to look at him but this time his eyes have changed, they fixed on the road like he just wanna get home any second
“thanks for saving me…I manage to say trying to get his attention but he didn’t replied. This time he looks more tensed than I have ever seen, he started driving so fast..
” slow down why are u in a hurry…I said to him but still no reply “what’s wrong ?..I asked but all I could get was silence
am sure something is definitely wrong, but I don’t know if I should be scared or relax ” what’s wrong with him or is he trying to plat funny with me. different thoughts were just crossing my mind. oh god I think have seen enough of dramas in my life , what’s happening?

After what it look like a long drive we finally arrived at his home, a place have sworn never to returned to.
just as we get to the compound, he put the car to a stop and he immediately he rushed down from the car and ran inside ..
I was so confused and I also don’t know what to do but what I know is that I have to run after him , I have to know what’s wrong with him

he ran so quickly and very fast , I noticed he was shaking, he threw the car key on dinning table and went so fast upstairs , I also followed behind.
he entered into a room and before I could get inside he shut the door against me.
“sir!…. what’s wrong sir
” are you OK??…sir!!!….I called but no response

I stood behind the door when I started hearing groaning like someone who is in pain, I just couldn’t bear it anymore as I hit the door severally
“please open door…I said several times before I finally heard him talk
” please go away, please I beg you, am a big mess, just go , I will be fine…his voice came out shakingly
“no am not going, how will you be fine with that kind of voice, please just open the door and let me help you, everyone always make a mess but we can be given a chance , please just open the door …I said as tears were already gathered in my eyes.

he became silent and I wasn’t able to hear anything, I wander what has happened to him, then I began to hit the door again and again
” hello Sir!!!!are you there
“can you hear me
” are you OK in there…. I said but no response , then I started crying , I fell down to the floor and just when I thought it was all over , the door opened and right before is the nakedness of a handsome giant being and immediately he fell to the floor…
I ran towards him to hold him and I ended up falling on top of him and he whisper with the same shaking voice
“please stripe naked for me, please …he said with tears in his eyes

Ellen POV

I was so shocked to hell as I heard him said those words “are you crazy ?
” what the heck are you saying?..
“stri…stripe ..what??
” you are terribly sick and you need help and all u want is someone to stripe naked for you?….I yelled
” please , am…am…be…gging you , that’s the only solution to my problem, later on I will tell u everything… he said , this time around his voice became cold . I just couldn’t take it anymore as I let the tears flow freely on my cheek.
he looks so pale and weak but out of solution and drugs in the whole world , how can striping naked be of help to him??

I help him get up to his bed, his body covered all mine, I could hear his breath so hot and cold..
he couldn’t talk anymore as he was so pale..
I cuddle him up to the bed and help him sit close to the locker and then I covered him with his towel but still he was shaking, like he needed me to do something.

something in me wanna ask some few more before I let him see my body. no man has ever seen my lab and not to talk of my whole naked body.

gradually I began to remove my dress, right now am feeling like am a whore but if saving someone life makes me feel like a whore , then I don’t care..

I slowly removed my top, my skirt, remaining my pant and bra…my eyes went straight to his and I could see some guilt in his eyes. they were full of tears , telling me to stop but he doesn’t have a choice. what kind of sickness could this be called?…

slowly I removed my bra and tears filled up my eyes, I wished I could curs this night. And then my pant I removed my pant.. am now naked in front of a total stranger that I don’t even know his name.

“so what next should I do?? I asked , because I don’t know what next I should do, I have no idea of what he want.

just stay there and let me fixed my eyes on you…he said and I was shocked.
who will just stare at a woman and be satisfied without having sex but I was so shocked when he started sweating, he started looking more alive, he never withdrew his eyes from me for a moment, they moved all through my body , like he was having mental sex with me in his mind. wait , is he a psycho_homosexual being?
have heard of them but I never thought they exist.

After what look like hours…he fell to the bed and then said ” I’m sorry , please wear your clothes.
he stood up immediately after those words I went straight to the toilet still with his naked body and for the first time in years, I felt like am a woman.
my sexual feelings aroused.

Elle accepted to stripe naked for Nathan and he was OK.
Nathan wanted to keep his secrets just to himself, he avoided every questions from Elle but Ellen was so adamant.
So Nathan offer her money to leave his life alone and got her angry by calling her names. Ellen left that day , she rejected the money because she can’t take it from someone who she saved but ended up calling her a whore.

Ellen was called again by the doctor but this time, she was told that his brother operation need to be carried out in ten days time.
How will Ellen get the money for her brother treatment. The only thought that came to her was to go back to Nathan but she rejected the idea but she reconsidered and said if striping naked will earn her more for her brother treatment, then she will do it.
She went to Nathan’s house , this time she went to ask him if he will help her .
Nathan accepted the offer of Ellen to work as a striper maid for 10 days and after, he will give her the money and also make sure she has a better life.

Ellen started living in Nathan, she was told about all the rules in the house, which include not entry his library and cooking for him.

Ellen accepted the rules and she did her job very well.
She never missed a day without striping for Nathan.
Nathan on the other side , was almost tempted to touch Ellen.
It was strange to him because he has never had that feeling for any woman before. Why now?

Nathan began to avoid Ellen, he realized he was gradually falling for him because he doesn’t want to involve Ellen in his miserable life.
On the sixth day, he came back drunk, Ellen was the one who attended to him, and unknowingly he confessed his feelings to Ellen.
When he woke up in the morning, Ellen asked him if he remembered anything about last night and what he said but he declined and said No.

Ellen on her part has fallen in love with Nathan.

Ellen has fallen in with Nathan and she also knew Nathan is in love with her but he is hiding because of his addiction.
Ellen started making research on homo psycho beings and their cure.
She found out that Nathan can only be cured when they try to forget their past, they were addicted because of incidents in the past.
But what could be Nathan’s past?
Immediately Ellen remembered Nathan warning about not entering his library.
Ellen entered and began to search for anything that can help her. She has fallen in love with Nathan and she must do everything in her power to help him.
Finally, Ellen found a diary, a very big one that has the picture of a woman. As she opened it…the door opened.

Ellen was shocked to see Nathan, his eyes turn red as he moves closer to Ellen Ellen was shaking and terrified.
“Nathan calms down, I just want to help you…Ellen said
” But why, ain’t you just interested in the money and why don’t you just get it, am a mess, am not good for you.
“No Nathan, you are a perfect man have ever seen, please Nathan has fallen in love with you, give me a chance to help you…Ellen said and that was when Nathan dropped down to the floor, he cried like a baby.
Ellen rushed to him and cuddle him up in her hands.
Please tell me everything

Nathan told Ellen everything.
When he was young the father would beat his mother and stripe her naked and he will always call him to watch his mother stripping naked.
Every day of his life, he watched his mother always striping naked before, and from there, his immunes build into it, he can do a day without seeing the nakedness of a Lady. Nathan narrated.

After all this, Ellen cried.
She asked of his mother and his father, he said they both died in an accident.
Ellen loved Nathan more than ever, she told him to believe in her and have faith.

Ellen and Nathan decided to give love a chance.
It was on the 8th day, Ellen found out another step of the cure for Nathan.
The first was to pour out his heart and try to forget about the past, which he has done and the second is to have sex with the person he truly loves.
This decision was very difficult for Nathan, he does not want yo hurt Ellen, what if after sex, his addiction becomes worst but in the end, he gave it a trial.
Nathan and Ellen both had sex. It was a great one.
They both waited till the night of the 9th day, if Nathan did not feel those usual pains that cause him to watch the nakedness of women, then he is fine.

All through the day, Ellen and Nathan were anxiously waiting for the day to end.
At night the pains came back but it was very minor unlike before.
“That means it worked…Ellen said
” yes but it means to make it go finally I will have to touch you again…Nathan said jokingly as he grabs Ellen and they both have sex.

It was the 10 day, Nathan and Ellen both went to the hospital. They paid the money and the operation was successful.

Three months later Ellen and Nathan became a couple and they discover that Ellen is pregnant.
They both lived happily ever after.

Sorry guys I decided to do it this way instead of hurting your feelings.


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