Why do we fall in love and not rise in it, I have always known as a kid that falling is a dangerous thing, but if falling is the right word to use why should we think of being safe and happy in something we fall in.? I have never gotten a right answer to this question but I hope to know it before I marry.

On my first day in college I met a girl ,looking at her body she was hotter than hell ,but her face is a true reflection of heaven even though I have not been there I feel it is ….before going to college I imagined a day I will be going to class and a lady’s books will drop I’ll try picking them up  for her and then we fall for each other, but that never happened ,this time I met this angel in the study room ,and for once she looked into my eyes and I felt like I was on the moon ,even before speaking to her I had fallen ,I knew she would be mine soon.

Aside the fear of failing examination one thing that I feared well was talking to a lady for the first time, it felt like suicide to me, that my friends had to push me forward before I could deliver my foreword, but with this lady I heard my arteries, capillaries and veins tell me to speak with her, I had no option because my left ventricle was beating that my chambers had decided to burst if I don’t bring them a companion so I had to obey my heart. A minute after contemplation I walked straight to her desk, asked for a seat, right there I zoomed into her eyes and I felt a heartbeat. I asked of her name and the answer was Mary, wow Jesus’ mother no wonder your looks got me staring. So I told her I had a message and she said alright, let it go so I started……….

“Mary, I have sat on that chair for an hour pretending to be learning but it is a lie your beauty stole my attention, looking through your eyes I could see the skies, I have a hard heart but seeing you melt it like an ice. I have looked at every girl here only once but you got me looking at you more than twice, if you were a product you will be worth than the highest price because Mary, before seeing you I was standing firm but now I feel that I am falling and I hope you catch me, make me your Joseph and may be one day we are going to give birth to Jesus but this time I will change the story, I won’t allow the holy ghost to impregnate I will try myself. I love you Mary and I hope you accept me even though I am not Joseph maybe we can make a story for the second coming”.

I knew that I was speaking out of fear because I still didn’t trust love itself I remember Einstein wrote that “you can never blame gravity for falling in love “

May be I had to blame my heart and I knew I cannot blame depth for breaking my heart. Most of my friends think miracle is when a lady you least expected to say “yes’ to your proposal gives in easily ,to me miracle is when “Love” something intangible and invisible  is able to break your heart ,how strange this is .After my proposal I waited in patience to hear Mary’s response ,inside my head, I started speaking in tongues praying to God for a positive answer ,not a bounce .After some  seconds she opened her golden lips  very carefully that she wouldn’t slip and uttered words, her voice tasted like honey and I wish I could sip. She said, “I have trusted so many people who never deserved my love and it ended in pain, they broke my heart I don’t want to fall anymore “. I felt she spoke out of pain. I wanted to motivate her so I started to speak as she looked at me like a saint, I only wish my words saved her.

“Mary I can’t tell you this without saying, the past is not the present, and I know how it feels to be broken hearted because I am an experienced man and if it was a course I would have had a PHD, but I want you to know that love is a very dangerous pit with a sweet base, if you try falling in such pits and you fall on the wrong person you may break your heart but right people catch you safely and feed you with its sweetness, so you just be careful who you fall on.

Sometimes we are blinded that selfishness and lust make us think that love is only happiness and comfort but commitment and dedication will tell you that love is caring and sacrificing and this makes it forever. we end up hurt because we never knew what love holds, we are made to feel that it is only joy so when the troubles are dawning, we become runners and while we move away, we fall and get hurt. I now know how it feels like to love and I wish you accept me and maybe we can make it to the highest level”

Mary looked in my eyes and said I love you too as she stood and hug me unending.

I heard a tap on my back, hey clement its getting late get up and prepare for class. It was all a dream I had a day after my campus crush treated me like a thrash, I never knew she was so harsh, and because of that bounce I never dreamt of approaching any lady on campus. But I was glad one faithful girl had accepted my proposal in a dream, because every night I will go to bed with the believe that I have a girlfriend in my sleep, which was a hope that I’m not single.


Thank you.

Clement Watchout




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