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Ready to be ready.



The road, the road seem just like an infrastructure but the insight is , it shows somehow the risky and endless journey of a man to survive on this planet. earth. Just like being fearless to drive on the road, that is how we live our lives. Are you ready to conquer your fears and learn how to drive on the busy road? Are you ready to be ready? When we get into the vehicle to travel somewhere the possibilities of the journey are not known. Will we reach safely? Will we be able to fulfill the purpose of the journey? Are we going to encounter any problems on the journey? Such is life! When we are born into this life, we start our journey and whether we are getting to the destination safely without any problem is not known. Everything depends on whether we are ready. Ready for any outcome that may come our way. Every step, drive and decision is a risk you have to be ready for. And are we ever ready for what life throws at us? The courage to be ready for the journey of life is relative but if we have one another’s back on the journey, then we will definitely be ready together.




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