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Please Forgive Me, For I Have Sinned.


I have nothing to offer you than my imperfections.
You know we all are not perfect except God.
I was blinded by “lust” and forgot about the real “love.”
When each day starts and breaks, I pray to God to change the past.
It seems that does not gonna happen.
Due to that, I pray for us to heal and for God to wipe away our mind so we forget.
That too is slow.

My worst fear is to wake up a day and realize that all is gone.
Never will I forgive myself, never will I get married.
All I can think of is you.
All I can think of is what it was, is and could be.
Being young dumb and exuberant was fun but that has cost me you.
If only I read my Bible more.
If only I meditated on the Books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the letters from Paul to Timothy.

If only has become my song.

How I wish has become my anthem.

We say we will be better, we will get another but no one, no one is irreplaceable.

Forever in my heart.
Forever a statue you have.
When I return and see you again, I will lie on the floor for you to walk on me.
When you ask why, I shall just smile.
Till then, I messed up, lost a soul.

Remember thee you me my kindred friend.
I knoweth many but I was with thee.
Thou companionship was the air i breath.
Never was there space between thee.
The anger exhibited by me, yet thou loving kindness pressed is on.
Many were the wounds inflicted on you by my words, yet yee chose to be a “donkey.”
On the road when you saw the “light,” yee stopped.

Little did I know thou art tired.
I kept on slaying thinking my reign as the “king” will never end.
Now, I have over throne with nowhere to be.
In the wilderness I learnt wisdom.
Just as king Nebuchadnezzer eat grass, I, sand.
Cold and naked I feel without you.
I was in glory now in shame.
Never again shall I return to my old ways.
More and more are the tales.
The tales are lessons I shan’t forget for bitter pills are better.
The sacrifices, troubles, cries, brokenness and of course, the joy, happiness, fun, the trade are for nothing?
Ney, they ought not to be.
Whether rain, shine, winter, summer, autumn, north or south pole, I will look for thee and claim my kindred friend.

I believe that it is you.



By: ChubbyGod



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