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Patriarchal Mental Health and Rape/Defilement

Black-and-white shot of female victim of domestic abuse with her battering partner standing behind her looking threatening.

In this month of Men’s Health, it is important to take this opportunity to appeal to our men to take their health issues seriously. Not only concerning sexual weakness, prostate disease, erectile Dysfunction, high blood pressure and the likes, but Mental Health as well.

Men can organise shows to inquire from their fellow men why some love to abuse women and children and find possible solutions to that problem. Women and children are tired of being blamed for the weaknesses and uncultured behaviour of some men.

I want to comment on the issue of RAPE AND DEFILEMENT.

Section 98 of the Criminal Offences Act, 1960(Act 29) defines Rape as “the carnal knowledge of a female of not less than sixteen (16) years without her consent”.

Section 101 of the Criminal Offences Act, 1960 (Act 29) defines Defilement as ” the natural or unnatural carnal knowledge of a child under sixteen years of age”.

These two provisions in our Code spell out clearly what it means to rape or defile a female child or woman. Having defined these two, let’s see some reasons men give when queried as to why they commit these offenses.

1. A man on trial once said it was the devil
2. Another said he was tempted by the ladies appearance and how she walked
3. And this one said the lady refused his proposal

These selected reasons from the lot proves that some men (rapists) don’t have control over their minds and emotions. They’re driven by forces within, which they cannot control. I therefore believe men who rape or defile have mental issues. And their ego will not permit them to accept that in other to seek mental treatment or attention so they push the blame on women; telling us what to do and what not to do in other not to be abused.

We are in a world filled with men who will gladly speak out on world MENSTRUAL day but keep mute on RAPE and DEFILEMENT cases as if it’s a taboo to speak about it. And I will get men telling me that they’re supporting us by discussing MENSTURATION.

We need your voice and support on abusive cases not menstruation. We need you to host or put up a panel to discuss rape and defilement cases and how you are going to help deal with your fellow men who are mentally derailed and on a rampage of raping and defiling.

How can you say that a lady’s appearance tempted you to abuse her? Such a sickening excuse from a weak minded specie. What of defilement? How does a child from 1 year old upwards to 10 years appear? No breasts, no buttocks! So what attracts you?

For girls 11 years to 16 years, I admit they have something to shake. But does that warrant them being abused?

It’s about time we look at this issue from the angle of some PATRIARCH’S being held responsible for their inability to control themselves.We are tired of being blamed when we get abused. Many girls and women can’t even talk about it for the sake of society.

Some of our own women will come strongly against an abused person simply because the male is a friend, family, colleague or an acquaintance. This attitude of less or no support makes abused women and children coil inside and die gradually of shame and unworthiness.

A male friend of mine recounted to me how he was whipped by his family for reporting his cousins who were abusing their sister sexually. He said his mother and aunties rebuked him that he was spoilt and saying ‘unchildly’ things meanwhile he was telling the truth.

Rape and defilement are what our men are supposed to champion and hold programs to discuss. Our men must rise and speak against this sickening truth. Women and girls need to move freely without the fear of being abused.

Together we can name and shame these men and give our women and girls a beautiful world to live in. Happy Men’s Health Month

By: Jane Williams


  1. Instead of championing their own issues, they are busy helping women discuss menstruation of which I dunno how it affects them. The sexual abuse is becoming unbecoming. Women and girls want to be loved and not abused. Thanks for this write up.


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