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Oblivion Chapter 4


Start Of A Deadly Voyage
After Theobald finished speaking to Jeffrey they both looked at Jack as he breathed his final breath then died and Jeffrey quitely looking at Jack’s body asked if there’s anything he could do but Theobald replied “Am sorry Jeffrey but my power over life and death is too low especially over a celeste who’s lost his power” and Jeffrey asked again saying “So you mean to say there’s nothing you can do about it” then Theobald replied “Am sorry but yes”. When Jeffrey heard this answer he angrily took his sword and left Theobalds house heading towards the city gates shouting at the gatekeepers saying “Open the gates!” but Theobald who was following asked him where he was going but Jeffrey never replied and then Theobald asked the same question on the second time the Jeffrey shouted at him saying “Am hunting down Phubis myself with or without your orders” and Theobald said to him “You must be crazy to think you can manhandle three powerful demons alone, something even the first most powerful white sorcerer couldn’t do its gonna be a suicide” then Jeffrey replied “Let it be a suicide” and Theobald said to Jeffrey again “Stop being arrogant you ain’t ready to take Phubis” then Jeffrey replied “I might not be ready but fate made me be” he also added saying “I know that you are afraid we could die like Allura because we lost our powers but am telling you we can’t wait for him to keep attacking until all the four moons has risen then he suddenly vanquishes all creatures in the world so we gonna take the fight to him before the day of Oblivion. As soon as he finished talking the gatekeepers saw griffins approaching the city from the sky so they shouted “We have visitors” when the griffins landed messengers from the three kingdoms unmounted from them and one of them said to Theobald “The three kingdoms have been under attack by flying monsters and a heavy army of dark forces our king sent us to call the king for a council in Ardaria in order to know what’s going on” then Theobald asked the messenger “What happened to your army and white sorcerers?” and the messenger answered “Luckily for most of the civilians were unharmed but the bad news is the dark army had stalkers and they’ve taken over most of our soldiers ater they did they retreated and took our soldiers with them” so Jeffrey asked Theobald “What is a stalker?” then Theobald replied “They are evil spirits who feeds on the soul of man then take over their body but they are of different realm which is not known to man” the Jeffrey replied “This means Phubis building an army for war on the day of oblivion”. Jeffrey again said to him “If it’s not known to man how does Phubis know about their realm and go for them” Theobald replied to him “Phubis is not a man but a demon so he knows more than even white sorcerers do” so Jeffrey said to him that he is going to inform the king about what’s happened and he also asked the messengers to follow him. When they reached the kings premises Jeffrey informed the king about the situation and that also the three kings demand a meeting in Ardaria so he asked about the king’s decision on the meeting and he replied that he will be available for the meeting on the next day. After he said this the messengers left for their various kingdoms and then Jeffrey told the king that things were getting out of hand and that he wanted to take action so the king said to Jeffrey saying “We are getting close to the day of oblivion and you celestes and white sorcerers are our only hope so if you say you want to take action I can’t stop you”. When the conversation between Jeffrey and the king was over he called for the celestes at where they usually had their own meetings when they came he told them about his decision and what he wanted to do. Following the situations and events that has occurred overnight they agreed with Jeffrey on his decision so he told them they will be leaving tomorrow right after sunrise so he asked Randall whose the smartest of them whether he would by any chance know where Phubis were hiding so Randall said to him “According to books I have read demons and devilish creatures were said to dwell in The Great mountains of Azka located on the far north” Then Jeffrey replied “Good so we are leaving tomorrow as I said” right before they were about to depart Theobald appeared out of nowhere and said “That’s just a folklore stop thinking like kids because no one knows where demons dwell unless you hunt them down the reason is that they don’t easily leave traces behind for you to find them and one thing is that they can be found anywhere but won’t live amongst humans all because is dangerous for them to do so sake of the fact that their lives are threatened when they are sighted by we the white sorcerers , I know you are all wondering how I kept all this from you all these years the truth is that is been long since we handled a demonic situation because all we have been doing is hunting down monsters to keep the city safe but it seems that even the demons were waiting for the right time to take action that’s they’ve planned to take advantage of the prophecy to triumph and rule over mankind and all creatures that’s ever existed because they think they are unbeatable on the day of oblivion” so Percival asked “ Then what are we going to do take down a demon as powerful as Phubis on the day of oblivion” Theobald replied “Was guessing someone would ask that question , in order to put a stop Phubis we need to find the legendary sword that’s the sword of blight” then Randall said “That’s we are going to cross the levia……you can’t be serious Theobald that sea is crawling with the deadliest monster that’s ever lived no one goes there and comes back alive according to the stories I have heard it’s going to be a suicide if we head there” Theobald looked at Randall and said “Yes! We are going to cross the Leviathan Sea to get that sword, it is said that a person of two great nations can wield and use the sword to its full power and I sense one of you has the power to wield that sword from the way I understand it and that’s the only way to defeat a demon like Phubis on the day of oblivion ”. Then Jeffrey said “You mean to say while Phubis and his demons are busy gathering armies to take control of the world we will be busy going for the sword.” Theobald replied “That’s the only possible way” then together they said “Let’s do this Theobald!”. When the conversation ended and all Jeffrey asked a question one more time saying “I quite remember you said a demon can’t possess the power of a celestes but a celeste can possess the power of a demon does that mean we can get back our powers or what?” Theobald replied “You guys are thinking much better now that you just remembered me that if Phubis was able to take your powers it means he has the ‘vessel of eternity’ in his grasp so you can only get your powers when you get your hands on the vessel so you see there’s hope but things are really going to get tough”

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