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Oblivion Chapter 3 :Devious Diversion


On the next day while the celestes were asleep each of them had a strange dream and in the dream they saw an old man approaching them by the riverside and the old man asked them whether he could get a bottle of water to drink because he was thirsty and in each of their dreams it appears they gave the old man a bottle of water. In the morning when Jeffrey woke up he didn’t understand what he saw in his dream so he dressed up and left for Theobald’s house for explanation.When he reached the house out of surprise he met the presence of his fellow celestes so he asked them “Where is Theobald” and Reina replied “He’s in the garden with Damian” not long after Reina replied Jeffrey Damian and Theobald returned from the backyard talking about some weird stuff so Jeffrey asked “Whats going on?” and Theobald replied “Let me guess you also had a weird dream” and Randall added “How do we all claim to have had a weird dream last night,hows that even possible is kinda awkward” so Theobald told Randall to keep quiet so Damian could tell him his dream and Damian told him that the dream was about him giving a bottle of water to an old man by the riverside and the weird thing was that he didnt understand why he would give a bottle of water to old man who was by the riverside, after he finished talking all the celestes looked at each others faces and in coincidence and out of surprise they all shouted “Thats the same dream I had”.This made Theobald look at them silently for a while and said to them “You are all weaker than i thought” Jeffrey and Reina asked “Why?” and Theobald replied “I can’t believe after years of hard training you just let Phubis steal your power in a lucid dream linked to the spirit world” and Jeffrey said “So you mean to say we were aware of given him our power” and Theobald said “Am sorry but yes” so after the conversation Theobald went for a sword and gave it to Jack to channel his power through the sword to see if it would work but it didn’t work and he also asked Percival and Randall to transform to their celestes form but they also failed .When Jeffrey saw all of them failed in doing what Theobald asked he also asked Theobald if there was explanation on how he took their and how they would get it back and Theobald said to them saying “Water in dreams means power and river means the power flow in all creatures in existence so it means if you gave your bottle of water to Phubis it means you gave him your power but the good news is a demon cant possess the power of a celeste but a celeste can possess the power of a demon” but Jeffrey asked again “If the creator really wants us to defeat Phubis,Agus,Abor why is he making things difficult for us?” and Theobald replied to him “No one knows and understands what the creator does”.
After they had the conversation Theobald asked them to leave because he wanted to do a few things but when all of them were leaving Jeffrey stayed and said to Theobald saying “My dream was little bit different” so Theobald asked “Why?” and Jeffrey replied “I had two bottles in my hand” as soon as Jeffrey finished talking they heard dragons growling outside and people screaming so they rushed outside to see whats going on and what they saw was two dragons causing rampage in Arauvia so Jeffrey signalled Jack to get him a sword and also ordered archers and the other celestes to bring the second dragon down so he could handle the first one.When Jack brought the sword to Jeffrey he didnt hesitate to chase the beast while running on the city walls then finally he was able to grab hold of its tail and struggled with it in flight out of the city until he was able to get on its back and drove the sword through his spine which weakened the beast and forced it to crash on the ground after Jeffrey saw it was weakened he decided to cut off the head of the beast but when he was about to do so Fisher appeared and told him to stop because he wanted to read the beasts mind so he touched the forehead of the dragon and started reading its mind and was amazed to see the beast was controlled by Phubis so he removed his hand from the forehead like he was shocked so Jeffrey asked Fisher about what he saw and Fisher replied in shock saying “He was sent by Phubis” and Jeffrey said “It was obvious because this attack was kinda weird”.When Jeffrey and Fisher returned from outside the city he saw great damage was done to the city and many civilians lost their lives and he didnt understand how only one beast could do such damage to a city with celestes white sorcerers so when he saw Reina he rushed to her and asked her “Where are the others ?” and she replied “He’s with the others in the kings castle” so he rushed there and he asked Theobald “How could one beast cause such a great havoc to the city when i was able to handle one” after he said the room was silent for a while and of the white sorcerers said to Jeffrey “How’s it possible for only you to take down a beast which took most of us to take down one” while the white sorcerers was talking Theobald saw something was wrong with Jeffrey so he intentionally changed the topic on the issue and said “Come on guys lets go and help the civilians with their wounds and damages that has been done”.After he said this Jeffrey stood there quitely,looked in the people around him and said “Where is Jack?” suddenly silence broke out in the palace then he repeated again saying in a loud tone “Where is Jack!” and finally Theobald replied saying “He’s badly wounded and almost on the verge of death” Jeffrey did not hesitate to ask where he was and Theobald replied “I put him in my room so he rushed to the house of Theobald and saw Jack panting on a bed so he asked Jack what happened but he heard Theobalds voice replied from behind him saying “He risked his life to save a civilian and we all know you love Jack because he’s the youngest of you celestes but am afraid he did what was supposed to be done, theres more to come Jeff and we have a long way to go”.

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