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No to abuse


I grew up in a society where the being a female was a big deal

We had to face stigmatization

No girl-child was educated because they feel we going to end up in the kitchen

We were abused physically, mentally.

Our periods were worse

Which usually hit us below the belt

But they thought we were forming and pretending just to gain attention.

We are seen as nothing but sex tools

Been raped and forced to do things which gets us traumatized

Our voices failing us

Government doing nothing

Rapist escaping judgement

When won’t we start walking with weapons, sprays and all for protection

Is been born a female child a crime

#SaynotoRAPE#SaynotoRACIALDISCRIMINATION#SaynotoGENDERINEQUALITY…… Protect every female out there like your mother and sisters



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