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Give me the knowledge and power to grow higher;
I need your fire which is resistant to any quencher
Come sunshine or rainwater,
I will not bother because I stand tall like a great pillar.
I have been experienced; just because you took me deeper, to become the best teacher

Oh Father!
Going in, I thought was on a silver platter
Nonetheless, you made me stronger
Even against bomber
You kept me in your arms;
Your embrace, a great shelter
I wonder where I’d have been, if not your favour.

Abba! My Maker!
You are greater than the greatest, higher than the highest
You carry me on your shoulders;
Set me free from slayers
My name, added to your Kingdom partakers
I’m very honoured;
Even just for your loving-kindness.
Having you is the greatest gain;
Because you are always there for me
Not a single moment have you hated me.
I remember then, when I was going through that pain;
I felt like going insane
Lo! I heard and felt your spirit hovering and whispering
Behold! “I have broken that chain”
Oops! I know I’m not asleep. This can’t be a dream
I have to bow my head down in shame
I promised not to do that again;
But NO! I did the same
Oh God! Forgive me;
I take the blame
I accept even if you use the cane
Once more, cleanse me of my stains;
I want to be named a saint.
Now I am a changed person;
I devote my life to His service.
Surely, I shall proclaim and spread the good news about His kingdom, Heaven.
It’s my plea that all should hearken.
The Universe is falling;
God is the Reason.





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