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The unprepared young girl whose dream had to be cut-short
And that hope of every womb-man after wearing
A gown

The pain and suffering that comes as her belly increases
The worries of midnight sit up

Full of both memories and wishes
Too many choices present themselves without the right to choose for taste,will and comfort

For months her freedom is taken away by another creature who is not unseen but very dear to her heart

As the time tickles to the eleventh hour, where she has to bring the seed to light

That pain of glory and stretch, which she has no option to avoid
There comes the product of her suffering and expectations

Which makes her forget everything,but she wills to have another
Yet another task to nurture, choose and fend for another being.

There are times the go through this alone ,because nature takes their other hearts to ground.

How this brang-briy “baby” will share tears with her for yet another nights
It’s a journey full of pain,uncertainty and tough

No womb-man is ever strong, bold, beautiful, special and perfect like the one called “mother”

She has went through every chapter of the book of pain and labour and is experienced to drive through life.

Every woman is a hero,a back bone, brave and fiercely shaped.

Hello mum, here is my thank you, and I owe you my life.
The bond is stronger till we both arrive in the ground.



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