Capon:loose the blind fold and let him see
[someone helped me loose the blind fold]you are welcome to this fraternity tonight…i looked
around and saw the place was filled up with men all on blacks with weapons of all kind.
Me:where are mine?
Capon:in the intiation field
observer bring the calabash…observer brought in the calabash,to cut the long process short,they used a new blade to cut my thumb and my blood was added to a liquid content already in the calabash
Capon:drink from the calabash.
I took the calabash and drunk a little from it
Capon:finish it…i took it into my mouth and
emptied the last content in it, its just tastless. have now taken the oath of the
black men fraternity(oath!)and any day you
disclose what just happened here to anyone,you would die.
Some other things were done,i was given mark
close to my shoulder(intiation mark)
Capon:from today onwards,you are one of
us,who touches you is inviting us we are from
today your shadow and your shadow can never
leave you even in death here are the rules of this brotherhood
1) you must not cast your self for casting is a
sin to this brotherly fraternity
2)betryal of a brother is a sin
3)blood for blood etc…he mentioned so many
rules of about 23.
Capon:from today your name is sky because the sky is clouded and is atimes unpredictable congratulations sky…the members
shook hands with me one after the other before they began to sing again another song entirely
**this is the way i wanted to be o
this is the way i wanted to be
oh i want to remain a black man (x3)
this is the way i wanted to be**
they sang on and on for some time then ask me to join them.
i got to my lodge around to 4,i jumped in through the fence due to the gate was still locked.i opened my door,got inside and shut it,i laid down on my bed feeling great pains as a result of the kicking i received as part of the intiation my legs where shaking i did not know when i slept off.
When i woke up i was so hungry i prepared bread and tea for myself,ate before getting rice into fire to boil,made stew after eating i just stayed inside no church for today,i can’t even walk then a knock came on my door i went to the door and opened without asking who it was and behold its matchety
Matchety: (smile)hafa
Me:am fine
Matchety: (handing me something in a black
Me: (collected)what’s this?
Matchety:just got you a phone because i observed u have none
Me:wow thanks
Matchety:so how was yesterday?
Me:my legs are broken
Matchety:sorry,it a normal thing to make you
strong.the pains would stop soon
Me:thanks bro
Matchety:so sky hope we are friends
Me:why not.(i opened the bag,brought the phone out of its pack,it was a screen touch)am greatful
Matchety:later we go get sims for it
Me:yea thanks never thought you were this nice
Matchety:bros english time don finish abeg give
me food first,i dey H…we both laughed myself
and matchety became friends we gisted and
laughed along he told me how he joined black
men due to school intimidations and all that he
really gave me mind we flowed well later we
both went to buy airtel sim and glo for my new
phone walked around ,as he kept showing me
every bad guy we come across
I couldn’t attend lectures on monday and
tuesday because of my legs but today
wednesday i got to the lecture hall before mr
mike,feeling different and new.when he came he lectured for sometime and then made the errors of his life he did not know i had become a changed man,no longer scared nor ashamed I
bet he wont forget today in a hurry..
To be continued..


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