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MISSION IMPOSSIBLE Episode 46 (final)


When we got to the shoprite i started the shopping while josey followed me around.

You see that side wey them pack chocolates full,na dat side be my favourite o,i would just walk to that side,pick up pack of chocolate,examine it & say

Me:mehn this chocolate would be so sweet,i have

tasted it but sha & it was woaw. would you like to have

a taste


Me:well that would be next time(drop it back)not today….oboi come see josey face,she go come frown like seven days palm wine,chai dis show dey sweet me die.when i have done it repeatedly like three times josey got mad

Josey: over the past 20 minutes we had been walking the whole shop with just the orbit chewing gum you first selected.why are you being wicked nau eh

Me:eh,u say?


Me:better….we kept shopping till i saw a well package product like that,i wondered what it is used for so i met one of the shop attendant & asked her,she collected the product & explained everything about the product.she was putting on face cap so i wasn’t seeing her face well.i was

about the collect the product back when my car key fell down,she bent to help me pick it & her face cap fell off too,but she could go for it i already picked it up.she went for my key,picked it but refused to show her face as she stoodup looking down ward,she handed the key over to me while i held the cap still,i dont know if i saw her face or not but i heard myself shout out

Me:Nancy?(people close heard & turned,staring at us.she didn’t answer,she just kept looking down so i used my left hand her raise her head up to behold the face of a sobbing angel,it was indeed Nancy)Nancy,its you? I have been searching for you all over

Nancy:i know you will that was why i left

Me:wait a minute.josey

Josey: (answers from a distance)big bro

Me:shop as you like.all bill on me


Me:can we talk?

Nancy:after work,am not to be found talking while on duty

Me:am taking no more chances,as for your work,yo

resigned already


Me:no but,why did you leave,i searched for you day & night,even in my dreams,you stole my heart that very day i saw you in court and since then its been hell without you.

Nancy:i fell for u too but i couldn’t stay,the shame of being a girlfriend to a cultist(capon) was too much,i couldn’t bear the pains,i just had to leave

Me:what happened to your number?

Nancy:i changed it,i knew you would ask for it from Isaac

Me:how did you know?

Nancy:the way you were staring at me in court

Man:nancy,i have been watching you,why stand here & talk instead of working

Me:who is he?

Nancy:he is the manager here

Manager:am talking & you are still standing

Me: (Nancy shivered at his shout & made to leave but i held her back)with all due respect sir she has resigned & as you can see she is now a customer not a worker

Manager: (showed angry face)is that so? Ok then(walks away)

Me:josey come & meet Nancy(she didn’t answer so i turned to check on her & guess what,josey already had four filled shopping wheels)


Josey: (turned to me)o big bro,all bills on you…if to say no be say i don see Nancy she for collect slap tire like in MY FATHER MY WORST ENEMY,as that chidi papa take dey

slap them but i just force out smile

Me:come meet Nancy

Josey: oh you found her?…she rushed to us

Josey:woaw,she is worth the sleepless nights you had & fire you almost caused at home

Nancy:hahaha,funny girl

Me:if i render you back hand slap eh well Nancy meet my genius of a kid sister josey,josey meet the love of my life Nancy…they exchange pleasantries

Josey:so bro it means what i have shopped its not enough so aunty nancy c’mon lets shop more,all bills on him


After the shopping i paidfor everything,some of the shop attendants helped us pack them to my car boot,i could tell they were happy for Nancy as they waved her goodbye.

We got home,i drove in,came down,held my princess hand & led her inside with josey following behind after packing some of the goodies in the boot,i opened the parlor door & everybody turned,behold Isaac & his girl.as the girl follow turn i shock,she is that same girl i saw in my dream but i can see the family accepted her,that means there was no intimacy between her & father

Observer:woaw Nancy,where have you been

Me: (smile)i finally found her,all thanks to josey & her shoprite demand

Step Mum:woaw my two sons met angels

Dad:you see this boys,they have big eyes. Nancy come over here & join us….the family,that was one of the happiest day of my life..


3 years later i got married to Nancy & Isaac married Stella,the wonderful thing is that we got married same day,same church & same venue.

As for the police IPO i learnt he was dismissed from work. oboi honey moon mood activated so see you later.no no no,thank you very much but you cant join me in my honey moon & be warned,if i dare see you knock on my door during this honey moon period,i would show you why i am called sky lolz

I remain Daniel Kybee




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