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Mission Impossible EPISODE 45


Step Mum: (crying)Daniel has killed me oh,Daniel has killed my only son.someone call in the police

Me:no,it wasn’t intentional,it was all a mistake (turned 2 dad who already folded his arms in sorrow)dad you were here,please help me explain to her

Step Mum: (still crying) keep shut you murderer….she was about bouncing on me when i woke-up** i was sweating like someone who just finished swimming,i looked at the wall clock,it says 7:30am

Me: o my God,i must had slept off since yesterday evening that i returned from the search of Nancy(i pondered)…thank God it was all a dream but where can i find this girl.my door cracked opened,then josey surface

Me:josey how are you?

Josey: (looking angry,she just ignored my chat)

i just came to check on you since you had been sleeping since 5pm yesterday.thank God you are fine now…she started walking back to d door

Me:josey.what’s wrong,did i wrong you,oh yesterday insult? Am so sorry

Josey:i only asked hope you search well for her,the next thing you did was shout at me & ask me if am mad

Me:am sorry nah pls.

Josey:bribe me first

Me:with what?

Josey: (smiles,walk back 2 my bed side & satdown with her legs crossed while i stood transfix watching her)now you are talking.you would buy me 3 packs of chocolate,3 plates of ice cream,buy me a new phone & you take me 2


Me:come are my your b.f

Josey:i would be in my room,when you make up your mind you let me know but 4 now malice resumed(she stoodup and started walking toward the door,i held her hands)

Me: oyah wait,remove somethings na

Josey: (smiles & went back 2 her seating position on the bed)i thought you wont cooperate.when you were shouting at me doing big bro 4 me you dont know that there are fines attached to it abi! Ok i would leave only

shoprite,just take me 2 shoprite

Me: ah,shoprite! you would still buy the chocolate,ice cream & phone there nau,why not just leave shoprite & phone for ice cream & chocolate?

Josey: (stands up from d bed)i see you aint ready 4 business(started walking 2 d door again)


Josey: (stopped walking but didn’t turn) yes,business of peace making

Me: odikwa egwu(its surprising) ok i would take you 2 shoprite

Josey: (turn 2 face me)now you come,i guess we are having a nice deal here

Me: but on one condition

Josey: (surprise face)which is?

Me:i do the shopping why you watch.i would buy whatever i feel like buying

Josey:maka y?

Me:maka i dont trust you at all

Josey:not an excuse

Me:bt i just used it as one

Josey:i would think about it

Me:what is there to think about?

Josey:your aka gum behavior na

Me:na u sabi.just go dress up and lets go

Josey:yeeeee,you know what,never mind.but ok when we get there sha…she opens the door and ran off to get prepared.


2hours later we were set to go

Step Mum:eh come here oko ati iyawo

(husband and wife)where are you both going dressed like this


Josey:yes,shoprite flexing

Me: (chai dis girl don do tatafo)hehehehehe(d laugh no be from my mind o)

Dad:you mean you both are going to shoprite

Josey: daddy

Dad:then whatever you buy for yourselves also buy

for the family

Me: (mo gbe!!!)sir?

Step Mum:yea,dnot forget my chocolate and Orbit chewing gum

Josey:mum haba

Step Mum:what?

Josey: out of everything sold in shoprite its only chewing gum and chocolate you see to ask for(i pinched her)aaah

Me:you better remember our deal,i do the shopping and you do the watching so dont be so sure what you get

Josey:ah big bro

Me:ah small sis,can we start going now?

Dad:you guys should return on time because your

brother would be introducing his girl Stella to the family….o boi the statement explode in my ear.as i drive josey to the shoprite i was lost in thought,what would happen next,who is Stella,does daddy know her before. O God help me,i dont want my dream to come true.

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