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Mission impossible Episode 40


Something was missing,something was wrong,am going crazy day after day,night after night,i was becoming sick even in good health,i laugh when am with the family but

once am into sleep i cry my bulbs out,they were turning red each day and night,i dont know who to tell what’s wrong with me or what to do,when am in my room alone all i do is drink malt,lie on my bed,talk to myself and smile or laugh like a madman once i imagine that awesome moment,you know the moment i mean! Moments yet to come,my step mom is beginning to get bothered even my dad and step siblings but i cant tell anyone what my

pains are,at a time my dad began to think he had offended me by getting another wife and this was really affecting him but that’s not truth,am even happy for him that he married again but my problem lies with my step

brother Isaac (Observer) i dont know whether he

would get offended if i let out what’s bothering me.i just have to move on but have tried but it didn’t work out and now i eat less and sleep less infact i forget myself

always,oooo God stop asking me what is the cause,stop please stop,if i tell you the cause you would call me a madman,a greedy guy or a fool but i cant help it i cant,how can i when i dont even have control over it but a man must be a man no matter what,a man must be a man even in death the only place i know a man can never be a man is in hell o,you must cry and shout like a woman o.

Step Mum:my son am sorry it wasn’t my fault and i never meant to make you a shadow of yourself,you are a nice man,you helped me before and even connected me to your father,not only that,you also took my son as your own self,seeing you sad makes me cry,i want us to be happy like before(she was crying) believe me i see you as

my flesh.now i have filed for a divorce,i want

to divorce your father and go away with my son Isaac so you can stop being sad,believe me when i say am truly sorry and i told your father from the on set not to marry me(she kept sobbing,then put her hands on my shoulders)it shall be well with you my son,you shall be

greater than your father and your name would be

heard all over the world

Me: (i wanted to say something but i couldn’t,only tears came out of my eyes,i was too lost,so mad,foolish,stupid and weak,i am a confused healthy but sick man,i just

watched her live my room sobbing and i was crying myself,the man in me was gone and only one thing can take the man in a man and that thing is….i tried to call

out to her but only air came off,her words touched me but she isn’t the reason for my pain)…i the great Daniel,son of kybee,the only guy that formed a one man squad had

suddenly become a weakling, my room door burst open,i looked up and saw my little angel,my step sister,abeg dont ask me her age,i have lost count of her age in this my

present condition but she is now a teenager,i love her so much because she is too smart and out spoken.

Josey:big bro why are you crying,i have never seen u cry,did your girl breakup with you? oo big bro she isn’t worth your tears na,nah naija be dis o no be America so no turn am to America o (she jokingly said trying to make me laugh)

Me:what do you mean?

Josey:ah ah,na only america girl or boy go breakup the next time nah cry or u go hear say one of the don relocate or kill him self na (smiling)

Me: (beginning to feel happy some how) so what of naija?

Josey:if na naija na dat same day the boy go get job or win bet naija then in two months time the girl go invite am come her wedding:

Me:hahaha josey u no go kill me o

Josey:yea i did it

Me:you did what?

Josey:made you laugh na,so tell what’s wrong?

Me:seat beside me let me tell u(she did) there is this issue am having……so dear that is it

Josey:hmmm,i would help you i promise.

Me:you would?

Josey:yea trust me

Me:how would you achieve that,i dont want to hurt senior bro Isaac and beside you are too young to do anything

Josey:eehn,ok sorry o i wont bother again

Me:ha no vex,it is play we are na

Josey:which kind english be that?

Me:forget that one,we must stop step mum from leaving

Josey:she wants to leave?

Me:yea,she thinks she is the cause of my low key

Josey:then what are you waiting for? lets go now…we both stood up and dash off the room to stop step mum from leaving.


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