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Lucid dream


My heart felt a tight squeeze and my insides knotted uncomfortably, my body was so excited but my brain was too slow to send signals to my mouth to respond.

I felt like chocolate melting into a puddle as he gazed at me while his hands on my waist got hotter and hotter

I felt my eyes stung and blinking rapidly to control my emotions, I tried to jerk my body away but his hands were locked around my waist like handcuffs. The hug made me feel like burning

I placed my hands on his shoulder staring back at him, my heart in my throat, would I be brave enough to make the first move, I thought again and decided to bury my emotions till he made the first move.

No he kissed me, Heaven help me!!!!! I can’t hide it.
I can still feel his lips on mine, soft and warm with his breath so close at the moment I’m enmeshed in happiness, I don’t know what I was thinking about we haven’t seen each other for some time. Is it moving too fast.

I always love it when he allows me to set the pace and never rush me but I was glad he broke the rule.

I closed my heart to everyone but a day hug gave me the courage to love. You had awakened my slumbering soul.
What should I do?
How can I simply retain the increasing desire to adore you.
My happiness know no bounds as someone I admire likes me too
It’s true that we’re overjoyed when treated tenderly. But we also get terribly unhappy when being hurt.

I notice the proud and happy expression on my friends face when introducing their partner and also the helpless expression on their face when they break up.

I always want to believe we’re just Good friends perhaps this way our friendship would never go downhill but I’m afraid I can’t take it when we break up in future so I wish we would be just Good friends forever

I’ve promised myself not to fall for anyone now
Obviously the best choice
But I understand now, the reason I’m in such pain now is my curiosity making me do stuffs and my promise pushing me out, my fear warning me off and I’ve fallen in love with someone I’m not aware of

I was so nervous, Goodness I didn’t think twice but asked for another kiss.

August sky is so beautiful. Just a kiss can make a stone hearted girl blush. It still feels so unreal. He looked extremely handsome in the shade a closer look, such a delicate eyelashes, fair skin with smooth texture. I guess I’m in love

Wait this is going too fast
Ahh it’s a dream, it’s really embarrassing am I too lonely or something to have such a dream.
Thinking deep it seems to be a lucid dream but why did I cast him as the male lead đŸ˜‚

Inspired by Dynasty

By: Tesselly



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