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*Loving me is learning how to swim*



Step by step bit by bit
conquering the complications
You swim.
Discovering the waves and the tides
Reining the raging sea,
You sail.

Loving me is learning how to swim,
and you are bound to choke once or twice in the process.
The water might push you back to the shore
It’s your choice to get dive back in,
But once you’re in too deep there won’t be a light house

Loving me is learning how to swim
Without vests
Or a life raft
It is swimming in a lake where others left wastes behind
Loving me is complicated
The current might hit you the hardest
Loving me is determination

Loving me is learning how to swim
To know when to anchor yourself
“Hold on to something tight or drown”

They say 70% of the human anatomy is made of water
I hope the remaining 30% is air for your sake
So you won’t drown
Trying to resuscitate me

Loving me is simple
After you know how to.
You can’t act like you can’t swim
After you’ve learned how to
It would be impossible to drown
after you get the hang of it
and i promise i’m not hiding any tricks,
It’s just water.

I am water,

And loving me is learning how to swim

-I hope you choose to swim.-

Poem by: Kezyah



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