♡The inexplainable yet incredibly strong feeling for someone.
♡That short word,easy to spell,yet difficult to define and impossible to live without.
♡The very selfless act of having another’s best interest and well-being as a priority without expecting a return.
♡Oh…….. that unconditional affection with no limits ….very intense and passionate 💖.
♡Just as our heavenly father showed us his Love by giving us His only beloved to take up our sin,pain ,shame,sorrow and disgrace on the cross so that we would be free😡.

♡Ah the father’s love❤

♡It saddens my heart when All hands go up when asked ‘Who Loves God’ but those same hands do not even show some care and love to their neighbours.

♡So If Love is caring : when last did we care for the man on the street …..yes that man who doesn’t have a piece of cloth to shield himself from bad weather?

♡If Love is sharing : when last did you share that small bread with that neighbour? …..when was the last time we shared the Word of God;the only loving father to that hungry soul

♡ If Love does not keep record of wrong…. why are we still not talking to that brother or sister who mistakenly stepped on our toes?

♡But Just as we feel the pain when we get a cut;… do we even feel such pain when hurting our neighbours ? ..A
question to us all .

♡If we say we truly Love God then we will love our neighbours as ourselves and not cause them pain…for”Truly I tell you ,what ever you do for a brother or a sister, you do it for our father in Heaven.

♡Therefore; Lend a hand to one another , help a brother or sister in their strife.
♡Mix a little shake of laughter in the doings of the day.
♡Stop to cheer a fellow human that is a bit worse off than you.

♡ For no man is an island, entire of itself ,everyman is a piece of the continent; a part of the main.

♡And so …..if only we could draw back the curtains surrounding each others live to see the naked hearts and spirits. .
♡If only we could see the pain each other is going through;and knew the spur an action gives;

♡ Then we would know better; purer than we ever judge ourselves and we would know that we would have to love each other better than we ever did.

Afia Amonu-Gyamfuah Reina is a writer specialized in poems and spokenword ministrations. She is a strong believer of teamwork .Reina enjoys listening to good music and writing .


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