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LONELY 2 Episode 2


Ken: I knew you were a strong lass.
Me: I’m not
I managed to give him a smile.
Ken: You are. You just haven’t noticed it.
Me: Okay. Okay. So you didn’t tell me that Rose was coming around. Not fair.
Ken: Oh. I’m sorry. She told me this afternoon as well. We didn’t plan it.
Me: Hmmm. Okay. So you both are now official? Since mum is now involved?
Ken: Yeah!
Have I told you guys about Kenneth? I’m sorry. He’s what I will describe as breath takingly handsome. He’s chocolate in complexion, a graduate and he’s a lawyer. He’s just 24 and was called few weeks after Chuku’s death. Since then, he’s being one popular guy in and outside the neighbourhood. He’s tall and has a baritone voice. His nose is pointed, his lips are small and he loves to pout them,his eyes are sexy and blue. He also has this side burns which he leaves bushy always, saying that nobody would love to work with a small boy, but his beards make him older. Mrs Kalu is indeed blessed with beautiful children with good manners………… all except Gospel.
Me: Wish you guys the best. I need to go to Kamsi.
Ken: Alright then. See you guys later.
I walked away and finally got myself in Kamsi’s room. She was speaking with someone on the phone so I sat down and waited. She spoke for some minutes and hung up.
Kamsi: BF
I smiled at her and she came and sat down beside me.
Me: Was that Ted?
Kamsi: Nope. Most handsome guy, campus one chapter.
Me: Hmmm. This year?
Kamsi: Yes.
Me: Okay. So I heard Rose is coming for dinner.
Kamsi: Don’t mind Ken. I don’t even know what I’m going to wear.
Me: Hello! She’s a lady not a guy. A Lady like you and I. So it doesn’t matter what we wear.
Kamsi; I know. But haven’t you noticed she looks like someone from a rich family?
Me: Ain’t we rich too? Just that we don’t dress over classy for school.
Kamsi: You’re wrong. She wears designers.
I laughed as she stared at me.
Me: Next thing now,you’ll start asking mum to order our clothes from London or China or maybe task Ken to take us out. This clothes in your wardrobe, have you finished wearing them?
Kamsi: You’re amazing. We’re going shopping by weekend. I’m already sure that mummy will get us something once she travels. For now, let’s talk about something else.
I told her my conversation with Gospel and mummy and she supported mum. Saying that I need to take my mind away from Gospel and move on, that I should learn to be strong. She said one thing that made me determined, “if you fight this and move on, you’ll find out that Gospel was never meant to be part of your life. Move on sis, we don’t have enough time in the world to start crying over guys who don’t think twice before breaking us. Use the time you have now to the fullest.


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