The chat was a many-to-one communication;

Tackled from all directions possible

How tensed and hectic this could be

With all the daring questions; answers were demanded at a goal


Loneliness, It kills:

The head was nearly smashed against the pole;

My sympathy and kind heart drew me closer

I wanted to take up some of the load

I felt the bitterness in his soul


I guess that made him shiver;

Even as he stands close to the fire

Only for me to to know,

A question could weigh ten kilos and more

No wonder he used to fall


Loneliness, It kills:

He said he could answer a few questions;

But many were the rest that kept him groaning

I heard some murmurings from afar when I turned my ears away from the questions

And the loudest voice finally: “Hey!”


I was stunned;

I didn’t even know I was standing;

Blocking the path of the pedestrians

I was dead in the head

I realized I hadn’t taken any more steps after I said “goodbye, goodnight”

And the last question, I asked myself

“Why couldn’t I answer those questions?”

I realized, I said loudly, “BECAUSE I WAS ALONE!”

Loneliness, It kills.

Benjamin Oduro



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