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Journey Of No Return.


From life’s first cry,
To final breathe
Is a journey
A mystery
A dream
A search

The journey full of uncertainty
Where clean sheets fold,
Desires sink
Emotions flies
But bullets run

This journey has no order
Not the other
But to follow
In firm hold of the curved
Unbound route

Blinded with treasure and milk
to decide ,to choose
And still be on way
The crown under search
Scrapped in an unknown location
Imagination just blurred with thick darkness

Until the firm train, transports all of us through the same route ,
With unpromised hope

What stands?
What walks?
What crows?
What speaks?
What holds?

Still passing through the
Bitter Halloween,
tasting the bitter candy with blocked dim shadow!

The unknown scares,burning through the muddy way to a destination unknown
An unknown path how do you return!
This journey has no return!

By:Ronald Minel


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