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I am fine



I walk with my head up high
And a smile dancing on my lips
Yes, everything seems very fine
I say to others that I am fine
I laugh from the heart to their jokes
At the same time I am wounded
My spirit is comforted by my tears
I hug myself in the dark room in tears
And say ” I am fine ” , yes I am
I portray that I am fine convincingly
So no help comes my way
That is depressing but I believe I will get over it
I shout and break down in tears when I’m alone
I shout and burst into laughers when I have company
That is me and I am fine
I am fine that I am falling into pieces
I am fine that my heart keeps breaking
I am fine with the tears on my cheeks
Yes I am because I am there for me
Yes I am because I believe there is a better tomorrow
And I encourage myself every moment that it will not always be like this
The bad days are for a while and when the good days shows that will be my moment of vibrant




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