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This was how my neighbors decided to disgrace me.


Sake of I’ve told them the very first day I returned home and too many to count times that I school at UCC.

Some of the indigenes have given me a question to provide an answer as soon as possible. Truth be told I haven’t encountered such a question since the inception of my schooling. I don’t know how they came up with a question that even all knowing Google has no knowledge of .

They claim they’ve been to almost everyone in the hood but their pursuits proved futile.

They say they are of the believe that once they’ve met me they’ll never go home empty handed. An answer will come from above.

That I’m the Messiah [ UCC student ] , the savior; one who saves the integrity of other university students elsewhere when they’re at the verge of losing it. A man for the hopeless, one who gives hope to those who have given up and lost hope in other students elsewhere.

They’re before me now waiting to heap praises on us [UCC] as soon as the answer is discovered but I’m sweating regardless of the extremity of the cold weather.

After effortlessly trying so hard to either figure out the answer to their question or cook up a story to elude this temptation I’ve resorted to chewing their pen . it’s a sign that if at least I can’t use my mind I can use my teeth too. UCC students are not omnipercipient …. Forkins.. Finally I want to lie that I have a meeting on zoom in order to save the already created impression that we are ” all knowing “.

By: Gideon Swear


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