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Heaven allows for diversity.


“They say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act.” John 8:10, KJV.”

We have noticed in time that our differences set us into groups. And each group would gladly choose rippling actions that defends its interests even at the expense of other groups. It’s just natural!

Thus we see such in the attitudes of the pharisees and scribes in the scripture above. We take no offence in their accusing the woman, but where was the man in the act? Why don’t we hear a thing ..about him? Must we read the story then through the lenses of group biasing on the part of one group against another or that would be highly exaggerating?

But suffice it to say, proceeding on the lines of biases, how can we be conciliatory in the face of changes and differences: mixed and mash cultures of people; moderation and radicalism; modernity and traditionalism; etc?

And touching on conciliation, can we tread that path without necessarily excusing or to some extent overlooking the very accommodates all the differences among groups and harmonises them into perfect unity.

Observe in Revelation 7:9. Standing before the lamb’s throne are people of “all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues…” These were definitely different people yet their differences are accommodated even in the very throne room of God. Also, regarding God’s kingdom in Isaiah 11:6, we read the indite about “a child” as opposed to an “adult”. Thus generational differences inferred!

Seeing that differences that set one group from the other, eg. male and female, etc? Differences, I think are peculiarities and thus excusing those peculiarities is synonymous to preventing the other party the opportunity to being seen and heard.Reason is, those peculiarities form an integral part of the definition and visibility of that party. Eg. The blackness of a black European.

The Bible doesn’t shy away from differences, whether male or female, racial, tribal, status, etc. It rather embraces and PAUSING: (On the issue of “unity”, we must be careful not to confuse that with “unification” for such misapprehension only defeats this Paulic new testament theological deduct. Unity is not unification!) MOVING ON…

Yes, we cannot deny nor pretend: sharp contrasts that result in differences do exist and some even pose serious challenges that need addressing! I shudder to think that was what the apostle was trying to do: denying on those contrasts!
Nonetheless, we can’t gratuitously magnify those very same contrasts to social disintegration!..heaven makes allowances for variants in peoples, cultures, perspectives, experiences, etc, what manner of persons must we be?

I reckon therefore, any “permission” whatsoever, whether institutionalized or personal, which results in the disintegration of variant elements in societies is diabolical!

Paul in Col. 3:11 preaches on unity that encapsulates and transcends ethnological, ethnographical, geographical, denominational and class, etc, differences of persons and of variant societal elements The Bible teaches in Col. 1:17; “in Christ, ALL things hold together!” Excepting sin and its acts, which of course are not found in Christ, nothing disintegrates in Christ! And in Luke 11:23, we observe from Jesus’ own words, people who disintegrates are those that are against Him.

One beauty of God’s creation is, variations exist! As part of our dominion mandate, it’s our responsibility to “subdue” all differences into perfect unity yet having in mind: UNITY IS NOT UNIFICATION✨!!! i.e. having all things in unity yet having all things maintaining their peculiar distinctions. And that’s ..just the beauty of variations!

The God who made the different parts of the body also coordinates them to work in perfect unity. But observe, each part still maintains its peculiar distinction; the hand is never the leg.

When we think this is socially unachievable, I only question whether or not we believe these words of Jesus when He said, “With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” Matt. 19:26 (KJV).


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