God created human to serve but we left for him head  ache..Gone were the days we spoke with him directly but the distance is been blocked by something opaque.Instead of searching for the word of God we compete for a plaque. The  man is angrily coming to drag us with a rake don’t think of your hunger cuz he wont give you time to bake or even taste a bit of that cake .Ohh you forgot what he did years ago ,,he destroyed the world with a flooded lake.He had dreams for us ,have you forgotten God’s plan by Drake But mankind wasn’t fair we turned fake .If the devil is making you sleep please wake and remember you came nake…Where on earth do you want to go Dubai ,New York City or The Hague…Which diet do you want to taste pizza ,burger  or cornflakes ,relax heaven has it all do don’t shake , The great man has the power to make and take he loves mankind that’s why for our he is always available to stake.Anytime we overspeed he is our brake…Then why do we ignore him to die ,,God isn’t for sale or hire he is free to everyone who wants to fly up into the skies to chill and taste heavenly pie..So you should abide with him and you shall receive a blessing so divine,You will be made firm, never divide How fast do you want to move just choose a ride .. you may even collide but his powers will make you slide …Everything in the Bible is the truth he never lied but I don’t know why these people never apply ooh Christ ….today’s people are so Godless we reject the man who bless ignore him to do things to impress but we end up stressed ,depressed and obsessed ,see you have to confess  to take you from that mess so you will be less cursed and be blessed.Remember to surrender under the cross and render every service before the thunder .So you may get a safe place under God If you don’t wanna be odd…then stop the fraud ,I know you are  browsing disconnect that cord and call unto the lord if you are  watching a porn please pause and switch off that ipod .If your ways are slippery or watery God will mob so don’t use that way cuz the end will be a loss Don’t kill to be the boss cuz its not force do you wanna get endorsed it’s not the places you go.I remember you went to Greece ,but never found peace  im not trying to tease but please be pleased with whatever you have and live with ease ,the earth may be hot but you will still freeze God will change your brand with gold not grease your finances will not de-but in-crease..No you still don’t get me then I have to speak with force.I’m trying to say get closer to God so that you get endorsed into heaven….He is the source of whatever you want if you want opportunity he holds the key to all doors .I know you are doing something bad plz pause …I know your life is being  violent but he will calm all wars .Everything you wish Is gonna be yours turn from the devil and look up to Christ  he is the one to take you up into the skies don’t fright height he will make you fly like the kite.Your life will be at peace no fight .He will change your wear and diet ,you will surely know with him everything is alright.He is the man I recommend for your broken hearts.He will mend and defend you , I think I have to end but please love this piece make it trend till it reaches that friend and back to you it bend .This is the end ……

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