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Don’t let me go. You promised me the whole world like an astronaut would do. Baby, you said you love me to the core and I always swallowed that. You, yes you, you said all that. Private conversations in the room alone with the walls being our only witnesses. What changed? You left me standing in the rain with my only comforter being the thunderstorms. Who does that? What did I do wrong? If it’s my bad, you can let me know and I’ll say sorry. You don’t pick up my calls, you neither come home nor write to me back. Is there someone else? I’m on my own lying in this icy bed, my skin and my ear are hungry for your touch and your unfunny jokes. Our warm bodies in contact, our fire frictions. You say “I’ll be right back” but you never write back. You don’t send me funny stickers no more to keep our relationship sticky and adorable. I’m breaking down with a broken heart, you make me cry. I’m perishing from head and heart aches. I shouldn’t live like this, I’m so young and full of greens.
Don’t let me go, cause you’ll lose me, you’ll regret it. You’ll miss my initiatives and my smiles. Stunning perfume on clothes whilst we stood in front of the mirror getting ready. I’m not perfect, you’ll miss my flaws. Who’ll attend to you when you’re sick, who’ll be your alarm so you don’t miss your interviews, the pillow talks. Why do you treat me like a child? You yell at me even when I did nothing wrong, crashing my confidence to a zero. Don’t let me go, I’ll be happy somewhere else. Far far away where I won’t ponder over your harsh spits against me, where you can’t find me. A different crib, my home. I’ll have views of the deep blue waters and drink coconuts with someone else. Crazy dripping love with no barriers, I’ll be so drowned. I’ll be where you never took me. Baby baby, but I guess at a point the babies do grow up. I can’t take bitterness from the same spot for so long, even my soul wouldn’t forgive me. Don’t let me go, there will be no voicemails. Don’t let me go, cause I’ll be gone forever.

By: Lovemond


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