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Dear boyfriend


You are the most handsome of the son of men
Gracious speech flows from your lips
Your garment are scented with myrrh
Your eyes are those of doves
Your lips like a Scarlet thread
And there is no blemish in you
My dear one is dazzling and he stands out among thousand of men
His mouth is sweetness itself
How cute you are and how pleasant you are
Your lips taste like the best wine
You are a rare gem
When I talk to you my day gets better
And the sound of your voice gives me butterflies
I’m amazed when I look at you
Your smile makes my heart skip a beat
Your laugh is contagious
Your smile make my heart skip a beat
Your laugh awake millions of butterflies
You make me feel alive
I got myself embroiled in the beauty of your soul
Place me as a seal upon your soul
Heavenly laugh, soothing voice
I long for you like a millionaire who longs for more money
Am glad I met you
And I just want to say
I love you ❤️💓
Written by😋
Akande omotayo Cecilia 🤝🤗🕺



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