It is coming! The darkness is coming.
I can’t see, I can’t feel, I am free.
Free in an illusion, having the devil as daily devotion.
Only dead awaits my spirit, loneliness my soul,
As doom as the ending could be, I just can’t stop it,
I can’t, I can’t.

From their looks, they envy the man.
A man driving at full speed,
Wishing to live though with a foot consciously accelerating,
Pain intensified at every ounce of happiness,
For the joy of the dead is a consuming fire that generates emptiness,
Otherwise the thoughts of a once shining star.

I tried, I try, and still, I can’t.
I called to the father, guess my remains wasn’t worth a reply.
All, I had. None, I have.
My will against my wish,
Dying soul in a living body I am.

Help! Somebody help.
They see but don’t hear,
Hear but don’t understand.
Guess mom was right,
In this world, alone I am.
Atleast loneliness sent me its best regards.

Help! Help! Angels help!
The hate of me is so awful, ugly.
I fear to lose my light,
Become a different man,
And end up unwanted by the three skies.

By Neos812


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