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“Mummy I didn’t do it, I didn’t take your money, please believe me, I haven’t even swept your room today”,she cried pleading…..” Shut up you idiot, you even have the guts to tell me that you haven’t swept my room today, what’s your work in these house, daughter go and call your father.”What’s going on here , why are you kneeling down and crying “,father said ………” Daddy please beg mummy on my behalf, I didn’t do it , I didn’t take her money , I haven’t swept her room ….. But she was cut short by the woman “Honey don’t mind these bastard, she stole my money and she haven’t swept my room today”.Giving the woman a lashing slap, he said” Don’t you ever call my niece a bastard again, besides all the wealth you are enjoying now is hers, the company, the money everything I am today is because of her mother and father, so she deserves your respect, Nenye pick that broom and go sweep the house, when I return, my niece leaves with me.

Her name’s Chimanada , her father had died few months before she was born and her mother died during childbirth and so she was left in the hands of Mr Okoye,her mother’s junior brother. Nenye the spoilt brat was Mr Okoye’s biological daughter and her mother Mrs Okoye was the woman beating Amanda earlier. Amanda did all the work that need be done in the house, Nenye never did anything , so sending her to sweep was a dead sentence. As soon as Mr Okoye left, Amanda ran in to collect the broom from Nenye and sweep, she was very sure that her foster mom would beat the hell out her and she prayed dearly that her uncle returns quickly, Emeka who would have saved her ass was out town.

Some thirty minutes after Mr Okoye left the house,his wife went out too…. giving poor Amanda a little time for herself. She was always treated like she never belonged , severally she cursed her parents for giving birth to her and leaving her to come and suffer alone .

But today hearing that everything the Okoye’s had was hers made her smile….she just went in and packed her things while waiting for her Uncle to come and take her out of these prison and from the monsters waiting to devour her everyday …..oh how she would miss her dear bro Emeka….. Did I mention to you that Emeka and Nenye were twins older than Amanda with just two months….oh my bad sorry I didn’t but now we know.

While waiting,she went into the kitchen to prepare dinner ,the last she would be eating with Okoye’s she thought to herself…. while she prepared dinner ,Mrs Okoye returned. Dinner cooked and served ,they all ate.
It was past 11pm and Mr Okoye had not returned…….He never returned that night.

Yes….you guessed right, Mr Okoye was found in his car few metres away from the estate….he was dead,no sign of gunshots,it wasn’t an accident….what could have killed him….oh how Amanda cried,they had killed him because he said he was going to take her away … Emeka returned and his father was buried. In the village he had promised to be there for Ami at all times”I’m not leaving these time”.

Burial, done and dusted,they returned back to the city and Mrs Okoye called an immediate meeting, Amanda was to pack her things from the main house and go live in the boys quarter’s, she won’t be going to the same University as the others. It caused a heated argument as Emeka would have none of that. He packed his things and moved in the BQ with Amanda.

Few minutes after they had vacated to the BQ and arranged their stuffs, Mrs Okoye sent a message to Amanda ordering her to come cook.
“You are not going anywhere, I would go out and get us some things to eat,the woman and her daughter should cook for themselves”,Emeka said to her…But as he was about leaving,Nenye called again”You better come ooo, mummy is coming there ,she would just kill you”…..Too late, mummy was already there ,as Emeka was about opening the door,the door flung open, hitting him on the head and throwing him unconscious.Mummy froze at the spot as she looked at her son….. He was rushed to the hospital immediately.
In the hospital, the doctor just asked them to pray Emeka survives. Amanda couldn’t help but cry ,her companion should not die……In trance,Emeka appeared to her and encouraged her ended by telling her he had to go, daddy’s calling me ….. that jolted her to reality .

She saw Emeka struggling,she rushed out to call the attention of the doctor and nurse, everyone rushed in including his mom and sister, still struggling, the doctor tried to help but Emeka went still.”Time of death 12:30″ , the doctor said…. yehh 🙆…. Amanda is finished, Mummy had killed Emy….. The burial arrangements were made and Emeka was buried…..the villagers just spat “Tufia.. aru”… people said for it was a taboo for the first son to be buried immediately after his father,if only they knew what killed him.
Two weeks after the return from the burial,the Kalu’s family  visited ,Amanda was so pleased, at least she would laugh today as Kamsi her best friend was around.She poured her heart to Kamsi  telling her everything she’s been thru careful not to tell her how Emeka died. After they had finished eating, both girls decided to go to Amanda’s room in the BQ….. Seeing the girls heading out ,Mrs Kalu was surprised… Kamsi who was already bitter had to spill ….. Boom….

Gospel, Kam’s bro came and met the girls in the BQ and Kamsi excused them….he expressed his feelings for her,gave her his card and #5000….was about kissing her when Margaret Thatcher entered…Gospel left and as soon as the Kalu’s family left…..the worst happened.
Her menstrual flow began, she went into the main house to ask Mrs Okoye for money for pads but she was ordered to go tear her towel into shreds and use as pad…..Did Amanda have a choice 😔….No …she went back to the BQ took one of her towel tore it in a way it could fit as pads and went in to take her bathe, when she came out,she saw two hefty men, naked and holding their member….she tried running back to the bathroom but was overpowered and these men took turns to rape her,that night she lost her pride,they were on her till 2am ….. when they left ,with pains,she wore her clothes ,took her diary and the #5000 Gospel had given her and ran thru the back door but was hit by a car…..did she die no….But……..

The owner of the car who hit her rushed her to the hospital, she was unconscious for three weeks and 2days, when she woke up, Ted the guy who hit her got her some food and gave her his phone to call her people and tell her where she was. The Kalu’s were the one she called, when they arrived ,they told her what the Okoye’s had said, how she had brought men to the house and had sex , when she discovered she would be reprimanded for her actions,she fled.

Upon hearing these,she took the bold step and told them everything that had happened, even how Emeka died . Mrs Kalu was bitter and angry and she promised her that after her treatment, she would never  go back to the Okoye’s, Kenneth who was dating Nenye hated her once that was how she became part of the family.

Her new mummy had to get Kamsi registered in the same school with me so that she can have someone shield me from Nenye’s  trouble. It was fun with the Okoye’s , everyone treated her with love,  she started dating Gospel who made sure she had the best of things……she was so happy with them till another bad luck befell her again…. Gospel hurt her so bad by cheating on her . She caught him on bed with a other and when she asked him reasons for his actions…..”The rape Amanda. I couldn’t bring myself to be with a victim. You experienced hell and I know without being told that it will affect our relationship. I’ve seen victims, I’ve heard there stories. They don’t go beyond kisses and memories of the incident will cloud there heads and they’ll start seeing you like you mean harm for them. They….”……she broke down automatically…..how could he….it was over between them……she had lost Mr Okoye, Emeka and now Gospel….all those who cared are gone .

Kamsi was there for her, thru the bad times and good times till she met Hillary who loved her unconditionally but later broke her heart . He cheated too but his was worse, it was with her friend. She had lost another, why was her life like these, was she cursed, who did she offend , all the men who loved her were all coming and going….she felt horrible, Kamsi wasn’t here these time , she was in Abidjan preparing for her marriage with Ted….Yes Ted, the one who has hit her few years back, how can she spoil  that joyful moment for her dear Kamsi….. Kenneth stood by her…..and soon Kamsi returned…..she was alive again, driving lessons and all that……..the men who raped her had been caught although one passed away……..”Hey Kamsi I want us to go see the Okoye’s, I miss them” she said to Kamsi one day.

They set out to go and Kamsi insisted she wore her best, at least they would know she’s living well. When they got to the house, Nenye came thru the back….she was pregnant. When she  saw them, she ran inside ashamed.The girls went to inquire what happened and it was discovered that  she set up for Nenye’s pregnancy as the family had gone backrupt, she had sold everything they had and the others she couldn’t sell because they were signed off with Amanda’s name, using her daughter as bait to get food on the table was the option left and that’s was her she arranged a man to sleep with her just for #25k….poor Nenye had to treat Gonorrhea and now she’s pregnant………”Please forgive me Amanda, mum turned my heart against you,she said your mother had tried to kill her when she was pregnant with Emeka and I, forgive me please and come take me from here”…………Our Amy has a good heart,she forgave and promised to come back for her.


Back at the Kalu’s, the girls told Mrs Kalu everything and they started looking for a way to get the Nenye out. They visited the cell where the rapist was and he confessed how Mrs Okoye had masterminded the rape , paying them huge ,he also confessed to killing Mr Okoye….. Hmmmm that woman is a witch……

Immediately they set off to go arrest  Mrs Okoye. Reaching there our madam was watching televista if only she knew her end had come……… when Nenye found out she was responsible for the death of her father,she hated her mother the more……..After the arrest,Amanda claimed her property and Nenye moved in with Kalu’s where a home accident occurred and she lost her baby.

Few months later, Amanda started preparing to go out and study,she wanted to run away from Kenneth…..I didn’t tell you that she was inlove with Kenneth already and was scared of getting entangled with two brothers…..well He had fallen too and so when he noticed her movement he began tailing her ………..as fate would have it, he booked the same plane as she did………… when Amanda was settled in the plane waiting for take off, she bent her head down and cried her eyes when she felt a hand on her shoulder……who was it…… Kenneth,the one she was trying to run from.

He explained to her everything,how he had been stalking her and he’s going with her…..”You have a family that loves you  Amanda, we would never leave you” he said to her…. We would meet mum and she would give us her blessings.

And so it came to pass,five years later,she’d  graduated from university and is now a certified medical doctor,returning home for her traditional and white wedding.As she walked into the arrival of the airport,the faces she saw were all faces of people she had loved and will always love.
Ken was with a billboard with the inscription “Mrs Kalu” on it.Gospel was holding a pregnant Nenye. They had wedded the previous year and she had seen their pictures.Mum still looking young and full of life.Ted all smiles with a child that looked just like him
Kamsi heavily pregnant with face full of smiles.They  all went into a long embrace,each trying to say something against the other playfully.On their way home in the sienna,she got a text message on my phone,”we’ll never leave you alone. didn’t I promise?”
It was Ken who was sitting behind her. She looked at him and smiled.
She had a loving family and a lovely fiance who would be her  husband tomorrow.

She’s got a fulfilled life and I’m happy she  never ended up ALONE.


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