I cry for myself, I cry for my people
My tears are stainless, piercing humanity to be equal
You can’t tell me I can’t have a fair life just cause my skin black
The same way you can’t toss me around like you flippin’ a coin back
My people choose not to chat about slavery cause it shattered us
Cold nights, long trips, wavy conversations
Lonely roads even though our ancestors were with one another
So many faces they had to face
Here was a journey with a slaughter
A journey full of pain, far from home
Our women and mothers raped, our men and fathers treated like dogs
My people choose to chat about slavery cause there’s now a light
Trust it or not, we got it this time right

Right with black freedom, black free them
The Sun turn to moon on slave ships, we have always mattered
Coronavirus got my people losing sleep, so we mask up
We never give in, we never give up
We never stand down, we always stand up
We never shut up, we always speak up
Black lives matter, that’s the gig up
You know our heritage, about us
A race dipped in Gold and Diamonds, harvesters of pure gems
From the North to the South, East and West
The Pyramids of Egypt, the Blue lines of Morocco, the Beautiful Skylines of Ghana
Every nation a child of the Empire
AFRICA, our home, our mother
Home to hardworking men. Hardworking, beautiful and tender women
Superhumans, creative children
Sons of the Sun, we never surrender
Our glowing skins, pampered by Shea Butter
Different tribes and tongues, one Empire
We group as a group, sons and daughters of pure desire

So tell the racists if they bought a gun cause of us, then we also bought the whole gun shop
Black inventions they’ve stolen
And put their names on its top
They killed George Floyd, they killed Tamir Rice, they killed Breonna Taylor
They killed Gaddafi, they killed my grandma
They killed every black person who couldn’t make the news for us to see the boots
Covered in black blood, covered in bruises
But in all that we never forget the black lives, the black achievements
The black education, the black greatness
Our smiles constant like the Avogadro’s
Never fading, for today and for tomorrow
My mom said “the racists are scared of us”
But they act like they’re the warriors
Black lives have always mattered since the outset of ages
Not only today, not only 2020

Go on dear friend, come on
Don’t attend to the Western media, hop in
They broadcast Africa got nothing
Perfect eccentricity
We have food here, we don’t reside on trees
Take a trip to Africa, like a birdie; come and see free
Breathe in the fresh African air,
let your muscles and your hair loose
Learn the African history, a legendary story that the elements of the Earth give reverence
Our every footprint counts, our culture will never be forgotten
Deep roots that can never be erased
We can not be raced
Wherever we are,
Black lives have always mattered, there’s Black Freedom.

Lovemond Kojo Asamoah
Ghana 🇬🇭



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