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Black Lives Matter.


I saw a young black boy on the streets of a black community,i asked him;”what do you wanna be?”
He said,”if i grow up…”
Wait ‘if?’ A condition?
Why should young boy who is yet to reach his teenage have a slight if doubt he is not gonna grow up.
Why should he think his perfect life could come crushing at any moment with him in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Some say its just police brutality.
But these people are victims of racism and stupidity.
Yet this doesn’t end there,
The hundreds and more of black men convicted for crimes they didn’t commit,
Sentenced on evidence they can never submit.
Just because he is a black man and he was there at that time of that crime,
Just because the nigga was there,he looks like he did it and so he did it
The people are forced to give false statements because that is what authorities want to hear and not proven as racists.
“I cant breath,please stop”
That was the cry of another black grown ass man who cried mama.
Yet all this police saw was colour.
Not a human begging for his life.
Asking to see his mother before his life came flashing in his eyes,
Appealing to go back to his family,
Crying for mercy.
Mercy from this disease that has spread through their thinking cups,
Broaden through their unfunctioning brains,
Stretched across their insensitive hearts.
So had he no empathy?
Not even a little bit of sympathy?
What these families go through i can only imagine…
And even that kills my very soul
Just because our ansestors were chained slaves in caves ,whipped to bahave and yet our generation came out brave
Just because of those miles and miles of skin covered by colour.
A colour we dont get to choose.
When will this injustice stop.
All we need is the hope of power in our voices
Because hopelessness is the enemy of justice.
We can stand up when they tell us to sit down
Speak,when they say be quiet.
Our lives matter,
All lives matter,
Black lives matter.

By Belo da poet



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