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Black Charcoal


Black charcoal stains hearts, colors our skin and grave paths.
We rage and wrath, to console our turmoils in days past.

Darkness looms in the skin of the light race, all we want is a space in the night’s gaze
A world we helped shape with our tears and concrete,now being deprived of a proper mind state

From the farmlands of cotton and torture,
Your ego you continue to nurture
Broken bones and crooked posture, we riot the street in quest of closure

You oppress us with your knees on our neck,conjure conspiracies to please the spec,of conscience, that you do not have
I write this to plead on behalf, of all dark melanins with grief in our hearts

For years, we’ve been deprived of proper health care, go to the polls for the men in suits who pretend they care
Our jobs are in constant day cares, we get sent out when we argue out our despair

This paradigm needs to cease, we can’t continue to listen to our brothers scream, “I can’t breathe”

We’re one race of humanity, flowing with hemoglobin and casual disparity, in the way we think, but it doesn’t call for this level of insanity

Taking our lives as if it’s a sport, where the trophy is fear and for our constant oppression to never run short

I’m not saying we’re saints, we have our own shortcomings
But that doesn’t give you the right to kill us and call mis-identity as the major out-coming

Our unborn deserve better, ride through life in the comfort of a two-door seater.

This battle for freedom will never stop, until we all realize what a beautiful world we can create if we unite and fight for a good course

By: Nana Kweku


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