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A Eulogy to Chadwick Kwabena Boseman(King T’Challa).



The order of this world has it that we’re born, we grow and we die.
What we do whilst we live?
Some try to just leave the world the way they came to meet it. For some they blame the world and leave no impact. Some don’t try to press on to a better tomorrow. But for some, the few legends,myths and patriachs? They always believe that tomorrow can be better. They believe that there is more to life than just living it.
Tell me of a man. Tell me the story of a man who belived. Tell me the story of a man who breathed life into broken vessels and mended battered, Shattered and Mangled hearts.
Let he who has watered be watered and let the one who has given be given to.
Today I don’t only speak of a man, I speak of a black man. I speak of a warrior. I speak of a king.
He had the Charm,Affection,Daring,Wise,Intelligent,Calm and Kindhearted. Its by no surprise that his name was CHADWICK.

CHADWICK!!! Son of mother Africa. Born in the dark but grew towards the light. You’ve given hope to not only this world, but Africa at large. You’ve proved that indeed the black man can do. You’ve proven that the black color aint weak.

We forever will remain in your debt. You taught us that we arent nonentities but we have the capacity and the ability to destroy mediocity and rewrite the course of history. You opened our eyes in a darkened world and encouraged us to press on.

Why now!!! then our legend. Why now!!! our mentor. T’Challa!!!!! King T’Challa!!! Papa Kwabena Boseman!!!

We bow down our head in tears and sorrow. We beat our chest in grief and anguish for our legend and hero cant be found amongst us anymore.

Oh death. Youre indeed mans greatest enemy. With your cold hands , you’ve taken away our king. With your wickedness you’ve stabbed us deeply.

Life like a mist, appears for just a day and disappears tomorrow. All that we are can quickly fade away, replaced with tears and sorrow. But we do not loose hope. We do not forget. We do not linger behind the bar for the legend of our King lives on.

The legend of Chadwick Boseman lives on in our hearts and our minds.

It is time brothers and sisters. It is time fellow africans. Mother Africa is calling on you. It is time our heroes and their effort be felt in our world. It is time for us to be one and re-ochrestrate the history that has sidelined us for centuries now.

T’Challa was black and he taught us that we can do more than we think we can do. Its time to grab the scepter and tell the world, “AS THEY CAN SEE, WE ARE NOT DEAD”. Let this legend live on in the minds and hearts of every black man or woman. Let the legend of King Chadwick Boseman live on.

Let us always remember his words, “Let he who has watered be watered and let the one who has given be given to.

Rest thee well .
Papa kwabena da yie
Damirifa due
Till we meet again

Written by: Aikins


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