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Alter Ego (My Unblemished Dilemma) episode 1


“I dare you to lay your filthy hands on me,” she said, while gasping for breathe. After a long dialogue of hearts with emotionless words piercing through each other’s soul like a velvet skimmed winery. He could swear she was all the embodiment of pure bliss and redolent fragrance enough to mimic the aroma of freshly baked morning crostata. A silent single tear dripping off her cheek while trying to hide the pain in an ironic laughter. “I promise to fix everything”, he uttered sentimentally with so much surety in his eyes. The extension of his arms, a treaty call for reconciliation, of which she wanted no bite. A firm forward push away will her hands trying to get away from the smell of an avalanche of alcohol, drowned in by a dying soul. She couldn’t stand the embarrassment anymore. Her mates, now working in gigantic skyscrapers reaching the apex of the earth’s atmosphere and now she’s stuck with a lazy drunkard who’s made her throw away her future and fortune just to follow him to a no-man’s land.
She quickly reached for her jacket and dashed across the luminous streets continuously being flooded with rain. Occupied by consistent sobbing,she had a sudden reminisce of their past which brought back all the memories they’ve shared, a love story written on stars and other terrestrials. She suddenly felt a warm touch on her left hand, a soothing feeling she embraced. It was Jack, the last person she was expecting to see. “ Ghosts do walk at night”, she uttered with a mild smirk on her face just to elude him from noticing the grief she was engulfed in. “What’s wrong Marie-Anne, did he lay his hands on you again? Just tell me so I kick his ass”, with a firmly formed fist, Jack uttered. She replied no while appreciating Jack’s kind gesture knowing full well he always had eyes for her since their childhood days on the farms of their grandparents in the eastern country town.

About the Author:

Mensah Nana Kweku(Woven Alphabet) is a student writer with an eye for poems, spoken word and article writing. He makes use of literary devices to reveal the emotions and imaginations in his art. He loves reading and volunteering for projects that develops the community.



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