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The Cry of an Addict


I can hear the voices of these bottles when ever I look at the shelf
Enduring all this grief, I can’t feel my own self
Last year, I went all summer without even a sip
And now a sip is all I need to fall inside the pit

My friends told me not to bother, it was only one time
But one time was all it took to lose all that was mine
Looking my son in the eyes, I can see his pain reflect
Someone he used to exemplify, now all he does is reject

I can’t do this anymore, I need someone to save me
So lost in my world, I don’t know if anyone could hear me
I remember the first time I ever puffed a smoke
The heat burning through my soul, All I could do was stay woke

All I wish for now is to run back time
To make things right and take back all that was mine
You did all this for them just to make them feel pleased
And now you can’t even stand straight, always stooping down on your knees

If they’re aren’t impacting you right, you need to let go
It might bring you pain but will surely bring hope
No more, “Oh! you so fly”, “you the man”, “you got all the dope”
Your future is in your hands, it’s either high or low.

About the Author:

Mensah Nana Kweku(Woven Alphabet) is a student writer with an eye for poems, spoken word and article writing. He makes use of literary devices to reveal the emotions and imaginations in his art. He loves reading and volunteering for projects that develops the community.


  1. Love picture u trying to paint this peice. It’s smth real that’s happening with a lot of people. The concept is great but I wished it could have gone deeper to draw readers more emotionally.

    “To go make things right and take back all that was mine”
    I suggest you take the go out of this line.

    “That might bring you pain but will surely”
    I suggest the That should be replaced with a n It to smoothen the flow.

    No more,Oh you so fly, you the man,you got all the dope

    No more,”Oh! you so fly”,” you the man”,”you got all the dope”
    Great price of literature. Enjoyed it 👍


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