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My crush


My crush
Once upon a time in my boring life
I sat down one day with my heart and we had a conversation. I told him that, the only time he should skip a beat is when I finally gaze my eyes on the mesmerizing beauty of the lady meant for me and obviously he agreed
Not long ago from that moment, I walked down the streets close to my house and behold, there she was and immediately my eyes saw her it gossips to my heart and my heart manages to skip enough beats to create rhythmic patterns that dances me to get close to her and as I reduced the distance between Atta Adwoa and I, I slipped and crushed on her
She was so pretty that she became the standard to which beauty was measured
Her smiles were so bright that they reflected how God took his time and created her early in the morning
And tho I’m not cane but I was able to tell her my name
I was like ; Hi I’m kojo
Hi I’m Atta Adwoa
The tenderness within her whispers sung lullaby of love and I slept like a toddler or nevertheless sleeping beauty who awaits true loves kiss which pierces through the heart to the soul and the tingling feeling wakes kojo from singleness into an awakening of eternal sweet love
We talked a lot you know, we talked about how we would bring the moon down to us so we can have all night, pull the sun down too to keep our love burning
Cuz I was always yearning for her
But I after realized other guys wanted her too it made me have a feeling that I was keeping a heart of another
A heart that never beats for me
A heart that pumps nothing but pain and jealousy. She gets close and tells me
That she wanted me and just like Sam smith she asked
( *stay with me* )
Cuz I was all she needed
She fed our love with lactogen of care, milk of sweetness till it grew beyond compare
Love is school then soul will be a class so Atta Adwaoa and I will be be soul mates …we move together
Destined to be together
One faithful night Atta Adwoa stood before me with her juicy spicy pink lips which kept inviting me with great attraction
And as our lips touched, I could taste her sweet nectar coursing through her never ending love …and within that micro second I could feel my blood boiling, pushing my feelings to move my hands to cripple through her cloths moving allover her soft milk containers, and boom!! We were back to factory settings …naked and I realized ……” I don’t remember what happened next ”
But all the same ….we loved happily ever after

By: Kojo single

About the Author:

My name is Stephen kesse currently schooling at the University of Education, Winneba. You can contact me on 0542397896




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