Sunday, January 17, 2021


JCWORLD is a blog created to allow easy access to materials related to literature as well as entertaining materials. It is simply an educative but entertaining blog.
This blog is created as a place meant to keep your own world and to broaden your mind. What makes the blog unique is the taste of originality and interaction.


This blog is to enlighten and encourage individuals to appreciate literary arts. This will open the minds of people to endless ways getting things done as they will be alive through their imagination.


Literary works mirror the world so as JCWORLD is to be considered as a machinery which is going to mirror the world and impart knowledge to society through imaginations as well as real time events. The wisdom created will enable individuals to think fast in real life situations as they might have known what will be next.


My name is John Ajet-Nasam. Born in Accra, Ghana. I am currently reading Bachelor of Law (L.L.B Hons). I love literature because it gives me lots lessons and I see the world as a stage full of drama.
I would like to see the writers in this blog to be somewhere they always desire to be by changing people’s life. I believe there is more to life than what it is.